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Zimyo HRMS helps organizations automate tedious HR processes. Hire top talents, eliminate payroll errors, measure performance, offer benefits and foster employee engagement.

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No Manual Work, only Efficiency

Reduce manual efforts by 3X. Create efficient workflows, capture time and attendance, track and manage assets and resolve employee grievances. 

Zimyo HRMS

Set clear and specific goals (KPI/KRA/OKRs), track employee performance, and identify A-Players (9-box matrix).


No Frustration, only Escalation

Increase your hiring efficiency by 2X. Distribute jobs, source and screen talents, schedule interviews, share offer letters, and onboard new employees. 


No Errors, only Accuracy

Process payroll in just 3 simple clicks with 100% accuracy.  Reduce the time spent calculating working hours, wages, and tax withholdings.


No Disengagement, Only Engagement

Boost employee engagement by celebrating milestones, conducting polls and surveys, and analyzing employee sentiments..


No Documentation, only Personalization/Allocation

Zimyo Benefits platform offers personal loans, salary advances, investment options, expense cards, and other employee benefits solutions.

Zimyo Benefits

Robust HRMS for HR Managers

Our HRMS helps HR leaders to become more efficient in their work. According to the feedback received from our clients, our HR solutions has helped them achieve:

3X less paperwork burden

Improved work efficiency by 73%

Reduced payroll costs and errors by 60%

Improve hiring by 2x using our ATS

Robust HRMS for Employees

Robust HRMS for Employees

Say goodbye to redundant questions such as “What’s my leave balance?” “What documents should I submit?”, with our Employee self-service portal.

Access payslips at any time from anywhere

Apply for leaves from mobile or desktop

Raise attendance regularization requests

Mark attendance from office or home

Experts in HR Management

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Payroll Processed

Why 1000+ businesses trust Zimyo

Easy Implementation

Not in months, but in weeks.  Yes! You’ve heard it right. With Zimyo, you can have new technology running in days or weeks, not months. 


Enhance your team’s productivity by integrating the system with multiple applications including Slack, Gmail, Hubspot, Outlook, Zoom, and many others.

User experience

Easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible HR solutions offer a positive user experience.

Dedicated customer support

Rely on Zimyo’s skilled CS team to get your technical issues resolved in the shortest TAT (Turnaround Time).

Data Security

Our platform complies with global industry standards and has earned ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for all its products and services.

Highly customized

Our solutions are specifically tailored to your human resources needs. You can customize almost every module as per your business requirements.

Users’ Feedback

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