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Smart module

Smart module for enhancing nimble execution

  • Managing Employee Log
  • Pay Per Work
  • Automated Invoice Generation
  • Friendly Reminders

Employee login and logout can be tracked well with enhanced accuracy through the timesheets module. This is exceptionally helpful for organizations having remotely working employees. Co-ordination and transparency are highly magnified with Zimyo’s timesheets module.

Companies can now pay their human resources on the basis of targets accomplished by them. The timesheet module helps you keep a track of per employee work done. This enhances transparency in work.

Time spent by individual employees and teams on particular or multiple projects can be calculated with respect to the revenue generated for the same. Employees can feed their and their team’s time logs on the sheet.

Managing employee log
contro_ timesheet

Authorized individuals can have access to control their and their team’s activities on the Timesheet. They can approve or reject the same submitted by other members of the team. Deadlines for submission of employee timesheets can also be defined by the authorized people in the organization.

Depending on the workflow every organization has various kinds of working hours, including billable and non-billable. HR Managers can manage these hours through the timesheet module which helps in an error-free payroll process.

All versions of project files and client directories can be managed in a coherent manner in this module. The information entered thereby are saved on a cloud-based solution and are out of reach of third parties.

HR Managers can effortlessly manage and regulate the usage of their resources. Data regarding time spent by employees and teams on individual products will be accessible to managers for in-depth analysis.

With the alignment of billable working hours with employee logs, HR Managers can easily generate automated invoices. This eliminates paperwork and increases efficiency in timely deliverables for better productivity.

Friendly reminders will be sent to end-users reminding them of important events. This feature enables employees of your company to be punctual and never miss anything where their presence is of utmost value. Users can customize these reminders as per their requirements.

Every employee has something to add to the organization’s values and it can only be materialized when they get apt time for it. We help these employees effectively provide their value addition without compromising on their daily targets.

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