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  • Intelligent Leave Planner
  • Smart Attendance Regularizer
  • Configure Holiday
  • Shift and Shift Rotations

Companies working in shifts that are flexible or fixed can monitor employee attendance with elevated transparency. Rotatory shifts can be dynamically managed.

Leave planning and management made easy with a track of employee attendance and performance. The Intelligent Leave Planner enables you to plan and take leaves in accordance with team availability.

Employees can raise attendance regularization requests for approvals from admins. Custom notifications will be sent to users on both ends regarding requests and approvals.

Discuss and determine holidays for your organization under various policies with the digital calendar. The module supports configuration to form leaves for the public, restricted as well as organizational holidays.

Logging in through the virtual perimeter created through Geo-fencing eliminates the risk of fraudulence in marking attendance. Employees will only be able to log in and out from the area that comes under the organization’s marked perimeter.

The process of check-in and check-out has been specially designed to negate wastage of time in doing the same. Employees can fill their time logs with a simple click.

HR Managers and other persons in charge can track the attendance of employees. With the user-friendly admin dashboard, it is easier to navigate through the various fields marked on the calendars of the employees.

When the employees regularly update their attendance, the same gets integrated with their calendars. This makes it viable for regulating authorities to track leave balances of individual employees and teams.

Companies with their majority human capital working in-office can integrate biometric attendance with employee calendars. The integration automates the process of attendance upload and management of the workforce. 

Team leads and other members can view the calendar of the entire team. This increases transparency and enables uninterrupted co-ordination between members of a team in any company.

A calendar is undisputedly the best means for keeping track of dates and getting reminders. With the advances in technology, people can now have this feature custom-made for their own use.

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