Centralized Document Repository

Upload, organize, and store documents in a single place

Increase satisfaction among employees
Increase satisfaction among employees by giving a shot to our intuitive and innovative helpdesk platform
  • Hassle-free document updation 
  • Collect onboarding documents digitally
  • Document searching
  • Bulk transfer of employee documents 
  • Create, publish and update policies 
  • Centralized hub for all business and employee information
  • File sharing
  • Set permissions
  • Create employee letters from predefined templates 
  • E-signatures/ digital signatures
  • Keep track of file versions
  • Secure demolishing

Easily update multiple documents on the portal that can be easily viewed, organized, and accessed by anybody who has the permission to do the same. 

Now, HR leaders don’t have to flit from desk to desk to collect employee documents. You can send automated notifications to your employees asking them to upload documents on the portal.

Now, you don’t have to juggle between different documents, you can easily search and find documents by entering the file name or version number in the search bar.

The document management system allows HR leaders to easily create, publish, and revise business policies on the portal. It also keeps track of all your versions and updates. 

Update doc easily

Digitally create employee letters including offer letters, appointment letters, appraisal letters, relieving letters, etc. by using predefined templates. 

Data security has always been an issue for organizations, however, at Zimyo, we ensure all your data is safe and secure in our cloud-based document management system. 

Organize your documents the way you want. You can easily organize your documents by title, number, source, date, or relevance. 

Digitally sign important documents quickly and securely. Speed up onboarding and other major processes, reduce spending on ink and paper, and save your time. 

The system keeps track of every version of a document, thus allowing you to go back in its history, and retrieve the important data in the case of an error or premature release. 

It makes it easy to share the documents within and outside the organization. Along with that, it gives you the control to give them access to view or edit the files. 

The system allows admins to set specific permissions for every employee or individual with whom the documents are shared, thus, preventing important documents from being altered.

Keep your document management system clutter-free by securely getting rid of insignificant or old documents without any worries.

Centralized document management not only helps HR leaders but also other departments in making quick and informed decisions. It helps businesses achieve a competitive edge and eliminates the risk of data theft or loss.

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