Compliances Management Software

Automating your Payroll Process

Your tax declaration made easier through this employee-centric module

  • TDS Computation
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Professional Tax
  • Gratuity Calculation and Exemption

Professional taxes levied on employees are not a matter of concern anymore as they can be coherently managed through this feature.

Employees’ commitment and dedication towards the organization is awarded in the form of gratuity, but not every employee is entitled to this benefit. Track and evaluate performance and then reward employees. This has been made easier for you through the integration of PMS with Payroll and Expense Management module.

Every employee necessarily has these two types of earnings in their salary bifurcation. These earnings can be managed and disbursed easily when doing salary computation.

Government regulations as per the Minimum Wages Act can be incorporated and changed regularly as per updates in the policies.

Statutory bonus calculation formula doesn’t need an excel sheet anymore. Through Zimyo’s automated module you can do that and a lot more in just a few clicks.

Provident fund is an employee’s long term investment for old age requirements and hence, must be calculated without any error. We assist you in this process to ensure that error is eliminated.

Zimyo believes in automating every process leaving zero scope of error. The salary structure of the employees will automatically include TDS computation and 24Q returns. 

A lot of states have LWF which needs to be deducted from every working individuals salary. HR Managers can incorporate this deduction in the salary structure of every employee through dynamic workflows.

Employees of an organization must be well aware of the legal framework and obligations that the employer owes them. Zimyo’s Compliances software removes all the manual reporting complications and minimizes the human error factor.

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