Employee Onboarding

Creating a Lasting First Impression

Build a smart and efficient workforce through an even smarter and efficient tool

  • Automated Workflow
  • Maker’s Checker
  • Customizable Offer Letter
  • Management Approval

We have reduced your workload by automating the entire process of employee onboarding. From discussion regarding CTC to sending customized offer letter and candidate’s background verification, get everything done on a single portal.

Get set templates and customize offer letters for new employees in various job openings. Only change the basic details and the offer letter is ready to be sent.

The Dynamic Workflow definitely requires approval from the management as the final step. To lessen the stress and finally enable you with an easy onboarding process we have automated this step for you.

Another step towards securing the company’s privacy is ensuring that the Aadhaar card provided by the new joiners is authentic. You can do the candidate’s Aadhaar verification with QR Scanners, making things even simpler.

The Onboarding solution is adapted to automated profile mapping. Here details of the candidate’s application will be auto-filled in the employee profile.

The discussion regarding the CTC of new joiners is a very crucial step of hiring especially for the budgeted positions. The dynamic workflow defined by you for this discussion can be approved by the authorized personnel in an automated manner.

This feature of the Employee Onboarding process helps you keep a check on the details filled by the candidate in the joining form. These are some crucial details and you can’t get them wrong. The HR Managers can use Maker’s checker feature to verify whether details entered by new joiners are correct or absurd.

Zimyo firmly believes in providing the best employee experience and customer satisfaction. The journey to achieve this begins with easy onboarding. With a solution that is automated and especially curated for you, we empower you to boost the performance of your business through dynamic workflows. Further, simplifying your experience with Zimyo we provide you assistance in setting-up these complex processes in the shortest turnaround time.

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