Requisition Management Software

Requirement Raised ↔ Candidate Hired

Systematic solution for easy Handling of Requirement and Replacements

  • Multilevel Requisition Raising
  • Ideal Count Calculation
  • Dynamic Approval Workflow
  • Recruiter Performance Tracking

The requisition list created by you will include details such as position type, required experience, salary, department, job description, status, etc. Any or all of these fields can be easily reconfigured by the person in charge anytime and anywhere.

Requisitions raised by various departments require approval from authorized people. This approval process also follows a dynamic workflow in the hiring process. You can customize the levels and authorization for these approvals.

Requisition for various job openings can be raised at various levels through this feature. Managers can raise requisition for new job positions as well as request for replacement of an outgoing team member. Note that HR can raise requisitions for only new job openings.

We include visuals to graphically represent your requisition status. These representations in the form of pie charts and bar graphs give you specifics and help remember requisition standing.

We can help you post jobs on the customizable career page especially curated for your organization by Zimyo. Connect to us for any assistance you require in posting jobs on this career page. We will be glad to help you.

Through this feature, HR Managers can create a Gap Report which is the difference between requirements raised and the number of candidates hired. This helps gain a proper understanding of the hiring count and create plans for the future.

Track performance and recognize recruiter efforts for roles played in strengthening human capital of your organization. These include feedback of recruiting team from the candidate interviewed.

We help create Purchase Orders for your organizations through Zimyo’s integration with third parties including, Indeed and Monster. This will help you post jobs directly without going anywhere else.

On the customized career page created by Zimyo for your organization, you can carry forward the process of job posting on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These postings can be done directly and will create a wider reach for your requirement.

Job openings and replacements are a recurring thing in any organization. Zimyo helps you find the right candidate without wasting much time on paperwork and document segregation. Requisition feature is a compact and comprehensive portal where all your queries and requirements can be catered to. The portal is easy to use and guides your way through an efficient and easy hiring process.

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