Goals Management Software

Measure what matters!

Define goals and objectives to set expectations and track people’s progress in real-time.

  • Get the inside scoop on employee performance.
  • Create, track and grow performance together.
  • Check employee goals in a single report.
  • Get Continuous feedback on goals.
  • Actionable analytics and reports to drive growth.
  • Optimize employee engagement.
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Key Features

Easy to Run
Set SMART Goals

Track lead, lag or on-track status of the goals for monitoring the progress.

Product Release
OKR Framework

Measure key results for individuals to achieve common objective.

Single Click Workflow
Matrix Hierarchy

 Matrix reporting structure with the unique goals mapping attribute.

PF & ESI Settings
Reports & Analytics

Discover goal status  and performance percentile of the employees .

Customizable Structure
Automatic Tracking

Measure and track the real-time goals in a go!

Team Management
Automated Notifications

Automated reminders to the team to update the goals on the schedule.

Diverse Salary Structure
Manage tasks

Create and assign tasks which are linked to goals or projects.

Automated Entries
Limited Access

Mark goals, projects and private limiting access to only selected people.

Enrich Employee Experience

Empower your employees on the go!

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What our Clients have to Say!

Zimyo client Chandan Negi

Great Product!

“Zimyo has provided us with the right tools to manage our growing workforce from the start of our journey. I strongly recommend startups who are looking for HR solution.”

Chandan Negi / RupeeGo

Easy to Use

Zimyo Payroll is a great tool that helped us streamline our HR and Payroll processes. The reporting engine is very simple and intuitive to use.

Bhagwant Singh / Innovantage Solutions
Pulkit Garg

Supportive Team

The team has done awesome work in developing additional modules that fit our demands.

Pulkit Garg / The Aanya

Every business needs well-planned management of goals to deliver products and /or services to the clients in a timely manner. In order to achieve business goals efficiently, regular data on metrics like employee performance, couples with continuous feedback is must. However, when businesses have manual tracking in place, it gets messy to organize business goals as well as to monitor how close the company is towards achieving the set goals.

But when you opt for Zimyo, goal management becomes a cake walk. Evaluate individual performances, team performances and engage with your employees by offering valuable feedback which motivates employees to perform better everyday. Get closer to achieving your goals with our Goal Management System and help both your employees as well as your business in bearing fruitful results.