Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

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Our applicant tracking system gives recruiters the assistance they need to hire top players

Applicant Tracking Software

Turn To The Smart Way Of Hiring With Our Applicant Tracking Software

What is so great about our Applicant Tracking System?

Track candidates at every stage of the recruitment process to make sure the recruitment process is transparent. Define your own hiring pipeline to hire top talent with smart skills.

Job Distribution

Post your jobs on multiple platforms with one single click. Distribute your jobs on Linkedin, Facebook,, Monster, etc.

Talent Search

Our applicant tracking system offers easy access to a wide network of professionals. This makes it easy to reach and classify your ideal fits.

Career Page Hosting

Create user-friendly and streamlined careers pages for job seekers. Either integrate your career page with our ATS or create a dummy career page.

Rich Candidiate Profile

The applicant tracking system helps you build a reliable talent pool as details of candidates for various job openings are kept safe in an automated repository.

Job Boards

Gain more exposure and reach millions of candidates by publishing jobs on job portals including, Monster, Indeed, etc.

Hiring Panel

Build your hiring teams for different jobs without any hassles. Define which member in the hiring panel will be responsible for which task in the hiring process.

Empower Your Hiring Teams To Hire The Best With Our Applicant Tracking Software

From receiving a job application to getting the applicant onboarded keep a check on all the steps.

Simplified Hiring

Our recruitment solution simplifies the process of hiring for you with the provision of custom templates for various stages of hiring.

Perform Actions In Bulk

You can add candidates in bulk, raise requisition requests, schedule interviews in bulk, add tags, etc. with a single click.

Job Description Library

Build a library of job descriptions for different job roles which can be utilized in the future for similar job openings.

Why should you opt for our Applicant Tracking Software?


Craft Offer Letters

Save yourself from spending a lot of time on creating an offer letter, use our pre-defined offer letter templates to confirm employment.


Access Control Level

Be the source point of hiring and control accessibility. You also get to decide who will be authorized to access which stage of the hiring pipeline.


Personalized Notifications

In an attempt to keep you up-to-date, Applicant Tracking Software assists you with custom notifications. Get personalized reminders on every step of the hiring process.



Submit reviews on candidates’ performance at each stage of the hiring process and allow the hiring authority to make informed hiring decisions.

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