Applicant Tracking System

Programmed Solution for Smart Hiring

Making your business people focused

  • Automated CV Screening
  • Resume Data Storage
  • Access Control Level
  • Customized Career Page

Reduce time spent in CV Screening of multiple candidates. With Zimyo’s automated CV screening and parsing module the required details get filled in relevant fields.

Hiring Managers can schedule interviews with the candidates whose CV is shortlisted after the process of parsing. They can also send custom SMS and make calls through G-Suite integration.

To keep a reliable talent pool all details of candidates for various job openings are kept safe in an automated repository.

HR Manager or the Hiring Manager can give their feedback on the system itself for other authorized people to see.

Be the source point of hiring and control accessibility. You also get to decide who will be authorized to access which stage of the hiring pipeline.

Our recruitment solution simplifies the process of hiring for you with the provision of custom templates for various stages of hiring.

Get a customized Career Page for your website for all forms of Job Postings. We say we lessen your burden and we mean it.

Not just Hiring Managers, but even the team members can raise requisitions for replacement or a new job opening. However, this job posting will definitely require approval from the HR or Hiring Manager.

In an attempt to keep you up-to-date Applicant Tracking System assists you with custom notifications. Get personalized reminders on every step of the hiring process.

We understand that every job position requires different forms of the selection process. With Zimyo you decide the hiring process for individual job postings and customize the pipeline as per convenience.

Track candidates at every stage of the recruitment process to make sure the recruitment process is transparent. Define your own hiring pipeline to hire tech talent with smart skills.

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