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Define talent in your organization according to their performance and potential with our efficient 9-box grid.

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What is so great about our 9-Box Grid Software?

Our 9-Box Matrix introduces you to your future leaders, identifies training needs to bridge performance gaps and discovers employees who may need extra support in reaching performance goals. 

Employee Evaluation

9-box matrix makes it easy for HR leaders to clearly visualize employees who need more room for improvement, who are worth retaining, and who just won’t make the cut.

Succession Planning

Categorize employees as high performers or low performers in the grid. And make quick and informed decisions regarding employee succession and development.

Guide Talent Reviews

The tool allows managers to uncover talent gaps and understand the development progress of employees and identify areas where investing in development could be beneficial.

Data At A Glance

Don’t waste your valuable time by analyzing the performance of each individual separately, opt for our 9-box matrix tool and view pertinent performance data at a glance.

9-Box Grid For Modern Succession Planning

Our 9-box grid makes employee performance reviews easier and shorter!

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Improved Transparency

Evaluate your team members with transparency and indulge in meaningful conversations. This may help identify talent or potential that you had failed to notice before. 

Improve performnace

Qualified Talent Pool

9-box grid allows organizations to identify potential future leaders. Keeping a track of your talent pool’s potential and performance can promote employee development. 

Encourage Togetherness

Prioritize Retention

It facilitates meaningful conversations between managers and employees around succession planning which may not have happened otherwise.

Why should you opt for our 9-Box Grid Software?


Compare Performance And Potential

It allows you to compare the performance and potential of individual employees and departments. This helps you get an idea of how things are going across teams or departments. 


Pay For Performance

Our 9-box matrix allows you to award employees or make changes in pay by evaluating their position in the matrix. This allows you to engage and retain top talents. 


Track Progress And Development

It gives organizations a clear picture of their employee’s performance. With 9-box matrix data you can examine if your efforts to develop talent are progressing at the expected rate. 

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