Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Recruitment agencies in Dubai play an important role in providing jobs to citizens of Dubai. Whenever a person partners with any job consultancy in Dubai they tap into the wealth of a vast knowledge, experience and connections with new people.

The best and highly rated recruitment agencies support you at every stage of your job search from tapping the best opportunities to negotiating salary with your employer. This blog provides you an overview of recruitment agencies in Dubai and at the end, you will be able to filter out the top recruitment agencies operating in Dubai. The recruitment agencies charge a fee from the candidates to provide them with jobs.

recruitment agencies in dubai

How much do Dubai recruitment agencies charge?

As a candidate, there is no need to pay a fee to recruitment agencies operating in Dubai. This is not how recruitment agencies work in Dubai. Instead, recruitment agencies charge professional fees from their clients for whom they are hiring.

For example – A recruitment agency is hiring for Amazon, Flipkart and other partners. So they will charge a fee from these companies to provide them with candidates for a specific job role. This fee is usually paid by a client after a successful hire spent a certain time in the organization.

Charging a fee from candidates is completely illegal and if any recruitment agency is doing so, a complaint can be filed against the recruitment agency.

How much do Dubai recruiters earn?

The basic or average salary of a recruiter in Dubai can vary from 15000 AED to 35000 AED. This amount may directly vary according to the seniority level and experience level.

However, a recruitment agent earns a fixed salary along with a specific commission per client. That’s why most recruiters are highly motivated to represent candidates for higher payout so that they earn a handsome amount of commission. 

How to find the best recruitment agencies in Dubai for a job search?

It is necessary to partner with the most reputable recruitment agencies. Let’s look at various key pointers to decide the best recruitment agency in Dubai:

1. Target those agencies that specialize in your industry

Most of the recruitment agencies in Dubai recruit for multiple job roles in the industry. A well-reputed recruitment agency such as Michael Page hires for almost all the job roles in the industry. Higher the specialization of recruitment agencies, more the job credibility. 

These agencies have developed more networks with companies over time. The benefit is that they provide you with the best candidates and advice.

2. Look for a recruitment agency that recruits for the seniority level

Generally, recruitment agencies in Dubai fall into three categories:

1. Manpower or blue-collar recruitment

These agencies generally hire for those job roles whose payout is less than 10,000 AED per month.
To successfully get the job, a candidate must apply for the job within a few days after the job is being advertised.

2. Professional recruitment in Dubai

These job roles are more specialized. The recruitment agents who work for these agencies generally look for professional and specialized employees.

3. Executive recruitment in Dubai

These agencies work for high-profile executive job roles. These agents generally hunt for candidates in their network.

3. Find a recruitment agency that is ready for a physical meet

A candidate may find all the above qualities in several recruitment agencies but only a few recruitment agencies will agree to meet face-to-face. If they are unable to meet face-to-face then don’t settle less than for a video call.

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Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

In Dubai, there are several recruitment agencies to cater the needs of job seekers. Some of the reputed recruitment agencies in Dubai are:

Future Tense is one of the most famous recruitment agencies that source talent across industries for over a decade. Their major emphasis is to service the recruitment needs of today. This agency provides a range of services such as recruitment solutions, executive search, market intelligence and HR consultancy. This agency deals in various key industries including real estate, health care, IT and Tech, consumer goods and services.

Address – Suite 1702, 17th Floor, Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1, Downtown

This agency provides services in various countries such as Dubai, India, Egypt, Spain, Singapore etc. They have 12+ years of experience. This agency deals in a range of industries such as Aviation, Automotive, Banking, Education, Engineering, FMCG etc. They have 500+ clients and have done 2000+ placements across the globe. They provide a range of services such as recruitment service, HR Consulting, Resume Writing etc.

Address – Office 205, Al Nasr Plaza Offices, Oud Mehta, Dubai

Robert Murray is a leading recruitment agency in Dubai. This agency offers its services worldwide to attract the best candidates for their clients. They serve various industries such as Energy, Telecom, Shipping, Automation, Engineering, FMCG, etc. They have been providing their services in the industry for more than 10 years.

Address – Aspin Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

This is one of the leading job consultancy in Dubai and other Middle East countries. This agency caters to the demand of several industries ranging from Construction and Property, Energy Oil and Gas, Financing, Logistics Sales etc. They have several clients across Dubai.

Address – 2105, Jumeirah Bay X3 JLT- Cluster X, Dubai

5. Konnekts LLC

This recruitment agency in Dubai is leading in the education sector. Konnekt has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the education sector in Dubai. They are committed to excellence, integrity, and personalized services. This agency provides its services across the globe.

Address – Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Manpower Group Middle East combines an unmatched global perspective with detailed local market. Organizations can find the unmatched talent across the world.  More than 60 years of experience has provided them a deep understanding of potential people and expertise. 

Address – Dubai Internet City, Building 1, 204 

Adecco Middle East is one of the leading recruiters in Dubai and other Middle East countries. They have operations in 60 countries and territories. They possess 50+ years of industry experience and enabled 3.5 million careers globally. They provide a range of services in a vast area of recruitment and temporary/personnel management service. This agency has been growing in the Middle East since 2008.

Address – Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina, Office 1206

Be Discovered is one of the most respected job consultancy in Dubai. This agency has been supporting unicorns, digitizing government agencies and global businesses across the world. They provide their services across several industries such as Blockchain, Infrastructure, UI/UX, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing and Content etc.

Address – Oasis Center Office No 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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Other Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Typically, recruitment agencies are paid an amount of 10-15% of employee’s annual salary when employee completes specific time period in that organization.

Getting a job in Dubai is not an easy task, there are still some sectors which are in high demand. Moreover, candidates can get a job through various top recruitment agencies in Dubai.

In order to check whether the recruitment agency is legit or not a candidate can look for trade license online via economic register or check DED website of related emirates.

The candidates can send their CVs to the licensed recruitment agencies. The agency will contact the desired candidate if their profile will be suitable according to the job role. 

The overall average annual administrative and recruitment costs per worker are estimated at around 2,674 AED in general, and at 3,404 AED for skilled workers and 2,296 AED for unskilled workers.

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