Top HR Software in Kuwait

Managing the number of employees in Kuwait is a difficult task for an HR. From onboarding candidates to providing them necessary training HR has to manage several tasks at a time. These tasks consume a lot of time and manual effort for an HR professional.

As technology advances, these manual processes are automated with the help of HR Software. This software helps to streamline various processes such as interview scheduling, resume screening, leave and attendance management, employee management etc. It helps to save a lot of time which can be used by HR professionals on more strategic tasks.

Business owners in Kuwait face various challenges in managing their entire workforce. They can leverage their daily HR operations using this software. Whether you are a startup, small or mid-sized business in Kuwait HR software can help you. Now a question arises “What are the benefits of HR Software?” or “How can HR Software eliminate the manual processes?”   

What are the Benefits of HR Software in Kuwait

HR Software helps to eliminate manual HR processes such as interview scheduling, filtering out every single resume, employee’s leave and attendance management, eliminating usage of paper, document management etc.

HR Software helps to save a lot of time for HR professionals and employees by automating manual activities. This time can be used in more strategic tasks as well and it provides time to design employee engagement and team-building activities for your team. Overall it contributes towards employee engagement and enhancement of business performance.

HR Software provides data-driven insights to the management and stakeholders of businesses. These insights can help organizations to make strategic decisions based on the data and numbers rather than assumptions. Decisions that are based on assumptions don’t contribute towards meaningful results.

HR Software also helps employees automate their manual tasks such as leave and attendance management, document management, transparent performance evaluation, asset management, benefits management etc. Streamlining manual tasks helps to enhance employee experience and build the employer’s brand image.

Manual errors can prove to be very costly for an organization. These errors can occur while running payroll, managing time and attendance of employees manually etc. HR Software helps to automate manual tasks and eliminate these manual errors. It also helps organizations to comply with labour laws and other regulations.

Performance management plays an important role in any organization as the overall performance of all the employees decides the performance of an organization. HR Software helps to measure the performance of employees using key metrics such as OKRs, KPIs etc. These metrics help to easily measure the performance of employees. If they are performing well, the organization can provide them hikes and appraisals and if their performance is not up to the mark they should be provided with appropriate training.

List of Top HR Software in Kuwait

It becomes necessary for every organization whether it is a startup, small or midsize to use HR Software to streamline their manual HR processes. There are several vendors available in Kuwait that provide HR Software. Each vendor provides HR software with its own features and uses. So we are providing a list of HR Software to compare and choose from as per your business needs.

1. Zimyo

Zimyo is one of the best HRMS in Kuwait which can be customized according to the needs of your organization. This platform automates all the HR processes, allowing you to focus on more strategic and important tasks.

It covers all employee management problems with its 40+ modules. All the modules are specifically designed, keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc. Moreover, Zimyo is listed at the top of We Suggest Software’s list of the most used HR software in UAE. 

Zimyo is an extensive HR-Tech platform that solves complex HR challenges while streamlining and automating the day-to-day HR operations such as Employee Onboarding & Offboarding, Payroll Management, Leave and Attendance Management, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Recruitment, and much more.

Founded in 2018, and trusted by paramount organizations such as Kayfi, Qatar Wire Products, BNBme, Crowe, Clic Qatar, Vivandi etc. Zimyo centralizes all the HR operations into a single platform which reduces manual efforts, increases efficiency, and strives businesses toward success. There are various features which make Zimyo different and better from other vendors in Kuwait.

Features of best HR software in Kuwait


Starts at $2 per employee per month

2. Menaitech

top hr software kuwait

Menaitech is one of the leading HR services providers in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries. It provides its solutions to organizations of all sizes whether small, medium or large. Moreover, they provide a free version of their software to companies with 10 or fewer employees. They provide a variety of features to streamline the manual HR processes in organizations in Kuwait.

Features of the HR Software in Kuwait


To know the pricing info visit their website.

3. ADP


ADP is a cloud-based HR Management Software for Kuwait’s businesses. The user-friendly interface of this software allows HRs to manage their activities independently. This software can be customized according to the needs of users. ADP is one of the top HR and Payroll software providers in Kuwait and other Middle-Eastern countries.

Features of the HR Software in Kuwait


For pricing-related queries, you can visit their website.

4. Enfinity

enfinity hr software

Enfinity HRMS provides pioneering solutions to businesses in Kuwait to streamline their HR processes. This software provides several features to automate daily HR activities. Enfinity distinguishes itself from other HR Software due to its local presence and understanding of Kuwaiti compliances. Their training ensures its seamless implementation and minimizes errors. 

Features of HR Software in Kuwait


Starts at $1.25 per employee per month with implementation charges of $1250.

5. ZenHR

zenhr hr dashboard

ZenHR provides complete HR solutions to automate manual HR processes in Kuwait and other Gulf countries. Their solutions elevate the employee experience and eliminate the use of paperwork. It can also integrate with existing systems. Their training and customer support are also appreciated by businesses across Middle East countries.

Features of the best HR Software in Kuwait

6. Voyon Folks

Voyon folks hr dashboard

Voyon Folks provides the most comprehensive solution to manage human capital in organizations in Kuwait. It offers a variety of features to streamline the HR processes. They offer their solutions to small, mid and large enterprises. It is a cloud-based software that caters to every single aspect of workforce management.

Features of one of the top HR Software in Kuwait

7. CentraHub HCM

centra hub hcm dashboard

CentraHub HCM is a cloud-based HR Software that streamlines HR processes and ensures efficient management of human capital through features such as Payroll Management, Recruitment Management and many more tools. It offers comprehensive solutions to small, mid and large size businesses across Kuwait.

Features of HR Software in Kuwait


For pricing-related queries, you can visit their website.

8. Smart HR Software


Smart HR Software offers HRIS and Payroll Software to organizations in Kuwait to streamline their manual HR activities. It caters to small, medium and large enterprises with one-time license fees rather than monthly or annual subscription fees. 

Features of top HR Software in Kuwait

Wrapping Up

For an organization it is necessary to choose the right HR Software as there are a number of vendors in Kuwait who are selling HR Software. Before making a choice it is ideal to compare the available software on the basis of the need, budget, integration, customer support etc. One of the best ways is to schedule a demo with four or five vendors and choose the right software for your organization.

If you are looking for robust HR software in Kuwait to take your business to the next level, you can schedule a demo with Zimyo. From onboarding to offboarding, our HR software handles every aspect of your employee’s experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are number of popular HR Software in Kuwait such as Zimyo, Menaitech, ZenHR, Smart HR etc.

An organization can follow a number of steps to evaluate the best HR Software such as evaluating existing HR software, scheduling demos with some of good HR Software in Kuwait and choosing the best according to requirements and financial positions. 

The best HR Software in Middle East includes Zimyo, Bayzat, Emirates HR etc.

There is a high demand of HR Software by businesses in Middle East countries to streamline the tasks and enhance the productivity of organization.

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