Top 7 Performance Management Software in Qatar

Every organization and business wants to grow and achieve success in Qatar. It can be possible if the performance of all the employees working in the organization is good. Assessing and analyzing employee performance is crucial for making informed decisions that contribute to growth. Organizations often evaluate performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, aligning with their policies. This evaluation not only aids in recognizing and rewarding employees who meet targets promptly but also enables the identification of those requiring additional support and training. Every organization uses its method or way to evaluate the performance of its employees. The overall performance of every employee contributes to the organization’s overall performance. 


To streamline this process, many organizations have shifted from traditional methods, such as Rating Scale, Checklist, and Forced Distribution, to more advanced solutions like Performance Management Software. This shift minimizes limitations and errors associated with conventional methods, offering a more accurate and efficient approach to assessing employee performance. Now the question arises “What is Performance Management Software, what benefits of using Performance Management Software and the best Performance Management Software to choose? This blog gives you a complete overview of Performance Management Software, and its advantages and guides readers towards selecting the best-suited software for their specific needs. Explore the complete blog to gain insights into this transformative tool that can automate your organization’s performance evaluation process.

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What is Performance Management Software?

Performance Management Software is an innovative tool that helps organizations and businesses manage and evaluate the performance of their employees. Managers and team leaders can use this effective tool to manage, organize and measure the performance of their team members. It’s necessary to measure the performance of every employee to measure the overall performance or success of an organization. 

Performance management system mainly aims to make employees more productive and fruitful. It provides useful insights to plan training and professional development for employees. A good performance management system contains various features like goal setting through OKRs and KPIs, performance reviews, feedback and surveys, reward and recognition etc. Performance management software is particularly based on 4 key pillars or principles- 

1. Goal setting (OKRs and KPIs)

2. Monitoring the performance

3. Reviewing the performance

4. Reward and Recognition through employee recognition programs  

What are the Benefits of using Performance Management Software?

Using performance management software in an organization provides several benefits to employers as well as employees.
Some of the key benefits of using performance management software include:

1. Helps to set and track goals of employees

Performance management software helps to set the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals for every employee in the organization using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These goals can be measured or tracked weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly as per the business requirements. The overall goals of the employees together contribute to the organization’s growth.

2. Boosts employee retention

Replacing an employee proves to be a huge expense for an organization in the long run. Performance Management Software helps in providing rewards and recognition to employees for their efforts and good performance. When employees don’t see a path for growth and development in the organization they are more likely to quit their job. So organizations must improve employee retention rates by providing a path for professional development to employees.

3. Improves organizational performance

The performance of an organization is likely to suffer when employees are not committed towards their job roles. Performance Management Software helps to track the performance of employees using defined metrics. These metrics help to determine the employees who are performing exceptionally well and who are not performing well at all. This helps to design an action plan for both categories of employees which results in overall performance improvement.

4. Helps to boost employee morale and motivation

When employees are rewarded for their good performance in the organization they are likely to perform better. Providing regular feedback on employee performance helps to improve employee satisfaction in the long run. Employee recognition is a great way to motivate employees to stay with the organization. As per a recent study motivated employees are likely to contribute more towards the organization’s growth than the employees who lack morale and motivation. 

5. Helps to identify the need for training workshops

Performance management software helps management plan training workshops for employees who are not performing well and are behind their goals and targets. This helps managers and team leaders decide on appropriate training based on the employee’s performance and job role. These workshops aligned towards the individual’s performance help to perform well in the long run.

6. Improves employee-manager relationship

The goals set with the help of performance management software ensure transparency and accountability between the team manager and the employee. It ensures better professional relationships. Regular evaluations, communication and performance reviews show that managers or team leaders truly care for the career development of their team members.

7. Helps in the right decision-making

Earlier organizations used to make crucial decisions related to the performance of employees using assumptions and self-biases. Performance Management Software provides data-driven results and analytics. Decisions based on data-driven insights are more likely to provide better results reducing favoritism and nepotism. This results in the right decision making which is beneficial for the organization.  

Top Performance Management Software in Qatar

Here are the details of top performance management software which is the choice of organizations and businesses in Qatar:

1. Zimyo

Zimyo Performance is one of the best Performance Management Software used by businesses and organizations in Qatar. This performance management software helps in goal setting, tracking and evaluation, providing rewards and recognition to employees etc. Zimyo incorporates other features like an HRMS, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Payroll Software, Time & Attendance Tracking, Employee Benefits, etc., among its 40+ Modules.  All the modules are specifically designed, keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Zimyo integrates a comprehensive set of features into its software, providing a  system that uses the massive amounts of data generated by employees to gauge employee performance and potential. To separate itself from its competitors, Zimyo offers a unique system of performance and payroll integration, the first of its kind in Middle East.


Normally performance bonuses have to be calculated separately and this leads to delay and lack of transparency. However, Zimyo allows you to tie performance directly with payroll, resulting in faster deployment of bonuses and full transparency around the same.

Founded in 2018, and trusted by paramount organizations such as Kayfi, Qatar Wire Products, BNBme, Crowe, Clic Qatar, Vivandi etc. Zimyo centralizes all the HR operations into a single platform which reduces manual efforts, increases efficiency, and strives businesses toward success. There are various features which make Zimyo different and better from other vendors in Qatar.

Features of Top Performance Management Software


Starts at $3 per employee per month

2. Menaitech


Menaitech is a leading performance management software provider in Qatar and other Middle East countries. It provides solutions to small, medium and large enterprises. Moreover, it offers a free version of its software to companies having 10 or fewer employees. They provide their software on a subscription basis which is monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

By using this software, the Human Resource department in an organization could increase entire work performance via more streamlined candidate performance management while keeping one’s company’s objectives aligned. Its performance management system has several features including 360-degree feedback, reports and analytics, surveys and feedback etc.

Menaitech also provides a holistic suite of products including HRMS, Payroll, Time and Attendance Management, Talent Management etc.  

3. Trakstar

Trakstar performance management system

Trakstar provides cloud-based performance management software to organizations in Qatar and other Middle East countries. Compared to other performance management software providers in Qatar, it is very unique because of its simple, numerous features, and easy-handling interface. It is made for HR professionals as well as for managers to deal with competencies and objectives that align appropriate candidates with the right role, which would help to meet the objectives of your company. This particular software streamlines the methods administered by a company’s managers to help them concentrate on much more significant operations and to save their time so that they can reach their objectives.

The main modules of this solution are 360-degree feedback, objective setting, succession planning, and performance reviews which are important aspects of a company’s workforce. This software provides real-time feedback and peer communication (optional) to finish continuous journals systematically.

4. PeopleQlik

peopleqlik performance management system

PeopleQlik’s performance management software helps to maximize the productivity of your organization. It has customers across Middle East countries. It simplifies the whole process of performance management for leaders and managers. It enhances employee engagement by ensuring transparency. Mostly they cater to enterprise customers. Their core features in performance management include 360-degree feedback, Compensation planning and administration, social recognition etc. Its performance management module allows users to conduct performance appraisals with several appraisal types. Along with performance management PeopleQlik also provides a range of modules including Core HR, Payroll, Employee Self-Service Portal, HR Analytics etc.

5. Qandle

quandle performance management

Qandle is one of the leading performance management software providers across the Middle East. The software is used by management and team leaders to evaluate the performance of their whole team. Qandle’s Performance Management Software provides detailed insights into employee performance, need for improvement, employee retention etc. Qandle’s performance management system evaluates the performance of employees from all aspects providing a clear view for effective decisions. It ensures transparency so that the right decisions can be made for every employee. It possesses several features including goal setting, one-on-one meetings, 360-degree feedback, goal tracking, feedback management, skills improvement, appraisals etc.


Starts at $2.25 (AED 8.26) per Month per employee

6. PerformYard

performyard performance management system

PerformYard provides comprehensive solutions for performance management. It provides a complete performance management toolkit for evaluation. It provides a range of features including review and check-ins, goal management, continuous feedback management, reporting and analytics, employee engagement etc. This performance management software is easy to customize as per the needs of the organization. The toolkit makes it easy to streamline the entire process including easy data analytics, performance review cycles etc. Its dashboards help you take the tactical actions necessary to get the best version of your employees. With the help of PerformYard performance management software, your organizations can continuously improve and develop a high-performance culture. 

7. Reviewsnap

reviewsnap performance management system

Reviewsnap provides an integrated suite of talent management solutions ranging from performance reviews, compensation management, learning management etc. This software is flexible allowing users to customize the review process as per their needs. Users can access the review snap via any device with a stable internet connection. They provide solutions to all businesses across multiple industries that are located anywhere in the world.
It has a range of features including online performance monitoring, 360-degree feedback, performance notes, goal setting, reporting etc.

This software has made performance management easy and flexible using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Sensitive) Goals, online employee evaluations etc.

How to choose the right performance management software for your organization?

Here are the key tips to consider when choosing the right performance management software for your organization:

1. Identify the needs of your organization

Before choosing the performance management software for your organization it is necessary to identify the needs of your organization related to performance management and what all hurdles you are facing. Moreover, how the performance management software will help you eliminate the hurdles you are facing. It’s necessary to choose the software which aligns with your organizational needs. 

2. Comparative analysis of different software available in the market

Before opting for performance management software it’s necessary to make a comparative analysis. You can reach out to different vendors for a product demo. Evaluate the performance, features, use case and customizations in the software as per your needs. Moreover always look for implementation support, training and customer support if there would be any glitches or bugs. The software you are choosing should be easy to use by the employees of the organization.

3. Integrations

It’s necessary to look for the supported integrations while choosing performance management software. The software with no integrations overburdens the HR professionals to enter the same data multiple times which results in a lot of time waste. So make sure that the software you are opting for integrates with HR solutions to have a better understanding. It results in reducing repetitive tasks and centralizes your data in a single place.

4. Have a list of features you are looking for in software

It is recommended to have a list of features ready before choosing a performance management software. Make sure that the list of features you have made is available in the performance management software you are opting for your organization. Always remember that the performance management software must be customizable as per your requirements. The standard features include goal setting, goal tracking and evaluation, employee recognition and appraisals, performance reports, continuous reviews etc.

5. Provide necessary training to employees

While choosing the performance management software for your organization it is necessary to ensure that they provide training sessions to employees to run the software smoothly. A training session is necessary to make the employees well versed with all the functionalities and use. This will help to speed up the implementation rate in the organization so that the task of performance management can be streamlined.  

Wrapping Up

Performance management software is an extremely effective and essential system that all levels of companies, organizations, and enterprises need to adapt to regulate their entire workforce performance. A performance management system makes it extremely easy to recognize small issues and rectify them before they create bigger issues. 

Organizations like Zimyo are leveraging the employee experience worldwide with their new-age solutions. From managing HR and Payroll to Recruitment and Performance, everything is automated. Zimyo is already catering to 2000+ customers around the globe like Kayfi, Qatar Wire Products, BNBme, Crowe, Clic Qatar, Vivandi etc. among many other renowned names.

As this software focuses on developing communication and objective setting, organizations can obtain better performance and productivity while spending less time solving issues related to management by applying the numerous benefits of performance management software. This performance management system comes with numerous features that help managers and leaders monitor their employer’s performance and determine their payrolls, promotions, increments, etc.  

Engagement among employers improves, and they feel more empowered when they can comprehend that PMS or performance management systems are there to guide them and help them develop and have greater control over their career progression. Therefore, implementing this software is also extremely easy, which makes it an excellent method to progress your company.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Performance Management Software is an innovative tool that helps organizations and businesses manage and evaluate the performance of their employees. 

Performance Management Software such as Zimyo, Menaitech, Performanceyard, Reviewsnap are considered the best online performance management Software in Qatar and other Middle East countries.  

Top Performance Management Software in Qatar are:

1. Zimyo

2. Menaitech

3. People Qlik

4. Quandle

5. Performance Yard

6. Reviewsnap

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