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Top 9 HR Software in Qatar

Managing employees has never been an easy task for HRs in Qatar. From recruiting the most suitable candidate to ensuring employee productivity, HRs have to manage multiple tasks. However, these repetitive tasks often take up most of the their time and these challenges can now be solved easily with the help of an HR Software.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, most of the repetitive HR tasks can be automated by using HR software in Qatar. By using Human Resources Management System (HRMS), organizations in Qatar can take the bulk of administrative tasks off of the hands of HR professionals.

From monitoring employee’s time and attendance to running payroll, there are a variety of advanced features that HR software in Qatar offers for different HR processes. The software empowers HR by automating repetitive tasks like collecting employee data, assisting the onboarding process, running payroll, and helping the organization function smoothly. 

So, if you are looking to boost your organization’s growth with HR software, check out this list of the best HR software in Qatar.

Zimyo Pricing in Gulf Country

What are the Benefits of HR Software in Qatar?

While HR Software provides numerous benefits to the organization as well as employees, the biggest benefit is its ability to reduce total time spent on repetitive and manual HR activities which allows users to focus on more strategic and productive tasks. 

Here are some of the benefits of HR Software in Qatar:

1. Automates manual processes

HR Software automates manual tasks performed by HR professionals such as job posting, resume screening, interview scheduling, time and attendance management etc. Performing these tasks manually consumes lot of time and efforts. By automating these processes HRs can focus on more strategic and productive tasks.

2. Reduced errors

The tasks of an HR professional are automated with the help of HR Software in an organization. Therefore the chances of manual errors are eliminated resulting in more accurate and precise decisions. 

3. Data security

The use of HR Software provides safety and security of data with robust security management tools. The data of users are saved on cloud which is end to end encrypted. The database of employees is safely stored under a single roof which is accessible by admin and users who have permission. To ensure safety user has to enter a password every time they log in.

4. Cost efficient

Using HR Software to streamline manual tasks helps to save resources and time of organization. Streamlining the tasks promotes a paperless environment. This eliminates the cost that company has to allocate towards stationery and other expenses. 

5. Employee satisfaction

With the help of HR Software employees get relieved from unnecessary burden like document management. It builds an inner sense of satisfaction in employees which is essential to boost overall productivity. Satisfied employees are likely to perform better than other employees.

6. Data driven insights

By using HR Software management can get data driven insights to take strategic decisions in the organization. The data includes employee behavior, attrition rate, reasons for attrition etc. These insights are much likely to benefit the organization as compared to assumptions based insights.

7. Compliances

HR Software helps organizations to stay compliant with labor laws and other regulations. Failing to comply with labor laws can result in fines and penalties. Using HR Software an organization can eliminate these fines and penalties. 

List of Top HR Software in Qatar 2024

Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, opting for best HR software in Qatar is an absolute must for every organization. However, there’s a plethora of HRMS solution vendors available in Qatar.

Every software vendor offers different features. So, how do you choose the ideal software according to your organization’s needs? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! We have compiled a list of the top HR Software in Qatar. 

You can evaluate the features of each vendor and choose the best according to your business needs.

1. Zimyo

HRMS Dashboard

Zimyo is a leading HRMS provider in the Middle East. After helping more than 2000+ organizations worldwide, Zimyo aims to help Middle-East organizations improve their employee experience and workforce management with a futuristic HR-Tech software. The software offers a variety of advanced features exclusively tailored for companies in the Qatar region.

The software is exclusively designed according to the compliances and policies of the Qatar, Middle East regions. Here are some advanced features that the Zimyo HR software offers.

All modules are designed while keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like UAE, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Zimyo is listed at the top of We Suggest Software’s list of the most used HR software in UAE. 

Trusted by paramount organizations such as Yashraj Films, Vivandi, Kayfi, Morni, EWings, and 2000 others, Zimyo centralizes all the HR operations into a single platform which eliminates manual efforts, increases productivity, and drives businesses toward success.

The platform automates most of the mundane HR tasks, allowing your HR to shift focus towards strategic organizational goals.

The easy-to-use and flexible HR solution offers 40+ modules, all of which can be easily customized according to your organization’s needs. In addition, the platform offers the most budget-friendly pricing in comparison to other software vendors. Here are some key features that make Zimyo the best HR software in Qatar.

Features of best HR Software in Qatar


Starts at $2 (AED 7.35) per employee per month
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2. Menaitech


Menaitech is a cloud-based HR solution provider that helps organizations save time and effort spent on redundant HR activities. The platform caters to the needs of various organizations across the MENA region, so it is also easy to customize according to your needs and preferences.

From hiring to retiring, the HR software enables the organization in Qatar to automate every aspect of HR operations. Here are some features that the software offers to its customers.

Features of top HR Software in Qatar

3. Artify 360

artify 360

Artify 360 is a cloud-based HR software built-in locally for organizations in Qatar. The HR management software in Qatar offers a variety of features to automate day-to-day HR tasks.

The organizations in Qatar can ensure a smooth onboarding and increase retention rates by implementing the software. In addition, the customers can also integrate the HR software with payroll solutions to ensure error-free payroll processing.

Features of HR Software in Qatar

4. gulfHR

gulf hr dashboard

gulfHR is a powerful HR software system specially designed for Middle-East countries like UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. The intuitive software can also be deployed with an Arabic interface for native business owners.

The software empowers HR with analytics and reports that help in making strategic decisions. Furthermore, the software can also be integrated with biometrics, time-tracking, and payroll software.

Features of best HR Software in Qatar

5. VoyonFolks

voyon folks

VoyonFolks is a cloud-based HRMS software in Qatar that helps organizations automate their day-to-day HR activities. The platform offers a range of reports and analytics to help manage employee data and make informed decisions about the workforce.

Furthermore, the platform provides an employee self-service application that enables employees to get access to information related to payroll, schedules, leave balance, document management, etc.

Features of top HR Software in Qatar


Starts at $2 (AED 7.35) per Month per employee

6. PeopleQlik


PeopleQlik offers cloud-based best hr management software for organizations in Qatar. The HR software helps to streamline every aspect of HR tasks, from onboarding to retiring.

By using the PeopleQlik HR software, organizations in Qatar can improve the efficiency by allowing HR to cut-on redundant tasks. Furthermore, the HR analytics offered by the platform enables managers to access the performance of each employee and reward them accordingly.

Features of HR Software in Qatar

7. Yomly


Yomly is an intuitive, cloud-based HR & Payroll software designed for GCC and MENA regions. It’s HR software allows organizations to review employee’s productivity, monitor their leaves and attendances, access important documents, and run the payroll from one place.

The platform also offers tailored services for organizations in Qatar. HRs can use the software to make their daily tasks efficient and shift focus towards other important strategic goals.

Features of best HR Software in Qatar

8. Sparrow Solutions

sparrow hr

Sparrow Solutions offers a comprehensive HR solution for small and medium-sized companies in Qatar. The HR software helps in automating mundane HR tasks like onboarding, time tracking, leave and attendance, payroll, etc.

The platform offers a plethora of advanced features to help make daily HR operations more efficient. Additionally, HR can also generate reports based on various categories to determine the areas that need improvement.

Features of top HR Software in Qatar

9. Paylite HRMS

paylite hrms dashboard

Paylite HRMS is a global HR and payroll software that helps in meeting the ever-growing needs of the modern-day workplace by helping organizations to automate their HR processes. The platform is available in both Arabic and English interfaces, so organizations can choose to use the native language.

The platform also offers mobile applications that help in improving the engagement between employees. Furthermore, it complies with the labour laws of Qatar to help you manage your payroll process effectively. 

Features of HR Software in Qatar

Wrapping Up

As technology is advancing, more and more organizations are opting for HR Software in Qatar. From hiring to offboarding, HR software streamlines every aspect of HR operations. However, it is crucial to opt for software that matches your business needs.

If you are looking for top HR software specialized for Qatar, Zimyo HR is perfect for taking your business to the next level. Schedule a demo today to start your HR digital transformation journey!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

HR Software is a computer application for managing and optimizing the daily tasks of HR professional in an organization.

HR Software such as Zimyo, Yomly, Bayzat, GulfHR are considered the best online HR Software in Qatar and other Middle East countries.  

Top 10 HR Software in Qatar are:

1. Zimyo

2. Yomly

3. Bayzat

4. Menaitech

5. Voyon Folks

6. Paylite HRMS

7. People Qlik

8. GulfHR

9. Artify 360

10. Sparrow Solutions


There are number of HR system available in Qatar such as Zimyo, Deel, Paycor, Greehouse, RemoFirst etc.

Automate your day-to-day HR tasks with Zimyo HRMS