Top 8 Time and Attendance Software in Qatar

Managing employee attendance and tracking their clock-in and clock-out time is one of the most tiresome responsibilities of an HR. However, the process is also crucial to ensure that employees are paid for the work they do in the organization. Manually tracking employee’s attendance and working hours can result in under-compensating the employees due to errors in attendance or time calculation.

Moreover, it is not possible for an HR professional to keep track of every employee’s activity. Besides, manually calculating the actual working hours of the employees, leaves, breaks, holidays, and overtime can be a complicated task for HR. To overcome these challenges associated with employee attendance and leave management, organizations rely on a time attendance system.

The attendance tracking software enables the organization to automate all aspects of the employee’s attendance and leave management. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, you can leverage the time attendance system in Qatar to enhance the employees’ productivity by recording their working hours and ensuring that employees are paid according to their leaves and attendance. Here are some reasons why organizations of all sizes prefer to use attendance software in Qatar.

What is Time and Attendance Management Software?

Time and attendance management software covers all practices associated with the management of employees’ time and attendance in the organization. It helps to track and monitor the number of employees working hours, their leaves, breaks as well as time offs. Earlier time and attendance were recorded in organizations using various methods including punching timecards, timesheets and Excel.

Time and attendance are the heart of managing the global workforce. Managing time and attendance of employees in an organization is necessary to ensure organizational as well as employee productivity.

The single feature of time and attendance is used across several HR functions including payroll, budgeting, performance management, human resource management etc.

What are the Benefits of using Time & Attendance Management Software?

Time and attendance software has several advantages. Some of the benefits include:

1. Improvement in Efficiency

One of the major issues that HR teams face is keeping a record of employee’s leaves, absences, shift scheduling, working hours, etc. If done manually, all these tasks can take a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, this leaves chances of errors.

The attendance tracking software can help eliminate these issues by automating the complete process of attendance management and employee time tracking. This not only eliminates HR but also saves the time spent on redundant manual activities. As a result, HR can focus on other important aspects of the organization.

2. Provides Insights into Employee Working

The attendance tracking software offers a detailed overview of how much time an employee is spending on completing a particular task. The software even allows the managers to assign a period for each task. This helps in evaluating the efficiency and performance of employees. Furthermore, by analyzing the working patterns of the employees, HR can organize engagement activities for various departments.

3. Furnishes Detailed Reports and Analytics

Another major benefit of using a time attendance system is the detailed reports and analytics that the software generates in just a few clicks. Managers can generate reports based on working hours, absences, overtime, and more as per the requirement.

These reports can be used to analyze the performance, identify the leave pattern, and summarize the monthly activities. More so, these reports can even be generated in a graphical representation to make strategic performance plans for the departments.

4. Gives Flexibility

Every organization is different from the others and has its own set of unique policies. Moreover, as organizations are moving towards globalization, working cultures like hybrid and remote working are becoming more acceptable. Therefore, more and more organizations in Qatar are relying on leave and attendance monitoring systems.

The software enables HR to create configurable leave policies for the employees and also allows employees to clock in from their mobile applications. Thus, it provides flexibility to both employees and employers.

5. Helps in Managing Compliance

Manually tracking the time and attendance of employees can cause errors. In the long run, this can cause disputes between employees and employers. The time and attendance software is a transparent system of tracking employee’s working hours. HR can integrate the time attendance software in Qatar with the payroll system to ensure that there are no errors in calculating compliances.

List of Top Time & Attendance Management Software in Qatar

The list of time and attendance software in Qatar include:

Zimyo is a cloud-based time and attendance software in Qatar that is simple and effective for managing day-to-day attendance and leaves. With advanced features like employee time tracking, time sheets, attendance reports, configurable leave policies, and customizable workflows, Zimyo offers its customers a complete solution for managing every aspect of employee leaves and attendance.

The attendance tracking software also includes features like overtime calculation, work-from-home, and business commute monitoring that help in the payroll process without any delay. If you are looking to manage your organization’s attendance and leave policies while also building a productive workforce, this software is perfect for you.

It’s a leading HRMS provider and after transforming the HR processes of more than 2000+ organizations, Zimyo aims to help Middle-East business owners improve their employee experience with robust HR-Tech software.

From managing your workforce to resolving payroll issues, Zimyo has covered every employee management issue with its 48 modules. All the modules are specially designed, keeping in mind the needs of Middle-East countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, etc. 

Features of best time attendance software in Qatar


Starts at $2 per employee per month

2. Artify 360

artify 360 dashboard

Artify 360 is a leading online time and attendance management software in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. It is compliant with all the laws and regulations applicable to businesses in Qatar. It completely transforms the way of time and attendance recording without any manual errors. One of the significant features is the monitoring of time spent by employees beyond their regular shifts. More than just recording time and attendance in organizations this software boosts overall productivity and efficiency. It has a range of features to simplify keeping track of employee attendance.


3. Clockify

clockify time and attendance

Clockify is one of the popular time and attendance tracking software used by businesses and organizations in Qatar. It provides reports and analytics of the time and attendance of employees. It streamlines timesheets, attendance tracking, payroll calculation etc. It eliminates a lot of manual work and errors. It allows users to download reports in various formats including PDF, CSV, Excel etc. It offers a range of features for timekeeping, reporting and managing people. Clockify offers its software to small, mid-sized as well as enterprise businesses. 

Features of time & attendance software in Qatar

4. Desktime

clockify time and attendance software

Desktime is a cloud-based time and attendance management software, especially for businesses and organizations in Qatar and Middle East countries. It is an ideal software for freelancers, small or midsize businesses and teams. It also tracks the real-time amount spent on websites and applications. Moreover, it also provides suggestions and detailed feedback on apps and URLs visited at a particular moment. It provides data and analytics in various formats including Excel sheets and CSVs. Users can access the software on their applications along with the web. 


5. Zoho Attendance Management

zoho dashboard

Zoho Attendance Management is a cloud-based time and attendance software for businesses and organizations in Qatar and other Middle East countries. It caters to the demand of mid-sized and large-sized businesses. The intuitive platform helps to generate insightful reports, regularize attendance and clock in/clock out. This software can be managed on the web as well as applications. It also supports biometric check-in and check-out. This software can also be customized as per the needs of your organization. HR professionals or admin can also generate attendance reports to have an analytical view of time and attendance.


6. TimeCheck

timecheck time and attendance

TimeCheck is a web-based time and attendance software which helps organizations in different sectors record working hours and manage the schedules of their employees. It has a notification feature for discrepancies such as late entries, early exits, absences etc. Moreover, it allows managers to approve requests, overtime etc. It helps to reduce administrative burdens on admins and HR professionals. It provides common shift rules for your global and diverse workforce. It is developed with custom and special features to handle various requirements of organizations.


7. BambooHR

bamboo hr dashboard

BambooHR is one of the leading time and attendance software providers for businesses and organizations in Qatar. This software also comes with the feature of project tracking helping your business to be more productive and efficient. It also helps to provide insights on time management, billable and non-billable hours, efficient resource distribution etc. It has a simple one-click approval process for leaves, regularization, overtime etc. It automates the entire process of time and attendance management.



Starts at AED 3500 for 1-10 Employees

8. TeamSense


TeamSense is one of the best time and attendance management software for businesses in Qatar and Middle East countries. It is a pivotal component in workforce management. This software is also compliant with labour laws and regulations. Attendance management streamlines the way we used to record time and attendance in the organizations. This software is easy to use without so many technical training requirements. It can be easily managed on the web as well as mobile applications.  


How to choose Best Time & Attendance Software for your Organization?

We all come up with a question- How to choose best time attendance software in Qatar? While choosing right time attendance software for your organization it is necessary to remember some key pointers. Some of them are:

1. Clock-in and Clock-Out Capabilities

Before choosing a time attendance software for your organization it is necessary to check clock in and clock out capabilities of that software.  Time attendance software should have mobile clock in and clock out feature so that user can easily check in and check out. It should also support shift and roster management.

2. Integrations

Time and attendance software should have necessary integrations such as biometric integration, HR software integration, payroll software integration etc. Always look for time and attendance software that includes ACA Compliance Module. Easy integration of time attendance software reduces the hustles and unnecessary issues.

3. Budget of the Organization

Every organization allocates certain budget for every expenditure. They have to ensure that time and attendance software they are choosing should fit in organization’s budget. Choosing a software that fits in organization’s budget helps to eliminate unnecessary financial constraints. 

4. Fits to your Needs

Before choosing time and attendance software organizations has to ensure that the software they are choosing must fit to their business needs. They have to ensure that time attendance software they are going to choose actually eliminates their issues for which they are opting for the software.

5. Provides Customer Support

Before opting for a time attendance software, an organization has to ensure that the customer support of the software they are choosing is quick, responsive and available 24*7. Along with a good customer support, the training sessions should be provided to the users.


Gone are those days when HR used to manually note down the clock-in and clock-out timings of employees and maintain spreadsheets for marking attendance. With advanced technology like Zimyo – attendance software in Qatar, organizations can manage all the attendance information and ensure an error-free payroll process.

A good attendance tracking software can empower your HR team with better insight into employee working hours, define leave policies, and simplify the attendance management process. However, it is important to choose the software that caters to the needs of your organization.

Zimyo offers the best-in-class attendance software in Qatar to enable organizations of all sizes to streamline their employee’s attendance and track working hours. The software is easy to use and can be integrated with the payroll to effectively calculate the employee’s salary and run an error-free payroll process. Schedule a demo with Zimyo to see how our robust attendance system can ease up the work of managing your employee’s leave and attendance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Time and attendance software ensures correct payroll processing and adherence to labor laws by automating the recording of employee work hours, attendance, and leave. By offering real-time workforce management data and statistics, it improves efficiency.

There are number of time and best attendance software in Qatar such as Zimyo, Artify 360, Clockify etc.

Businesses in Qatar trusts Zimyo as the best time and attendance software to calculate the time and attendance of employees in the organization.

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