Top 7 Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia

In the ever-changing business landscape of Saudi Arabia, employee performance is critical to success and expansion. For every organization, evaluating and improving employee performance is not only an administrative task but a strategic necessity. Ask yourself these questions like:

  • Do you find yourself drowning in the burden of spreadsheets and documents?
  • Are you tired of the conventional paper-based methods for performance reviews?
  • Do you struggle to keep track of employee performance metrics?
  • Are you trying to find a way to maximize the potential of your employees and optimize your performance management process?

Well, do not worry you are not alone. In the fast-paced world of today, conventional techniques of evaluation—like rating scales or checklists—frequently prove inadequate. Organizations are utilizing performance management software as one of the most advanced options after realizing the requirement for accuracy and efficiency.

These digital platforms offer actionable data for well-informed decision-making in addition to streamlining the performance review process. Adopting performance management software becomes essential for organizations in Saudi Arabia looking to match employees with strategic goals to achieve excellence and sustained growth.

But the market is overflowing with choices, all of which claim their superiority over the others. So how can you decide which performance management software is right for your organization?

You don’t need to worry, though, as we will walk you through the process of selecting the best performance management software by discussing important features, and prices. As a result, you will be able to make an informed choice that complements the particular requirements and goals of your organization, guaranteeing that performance management turns into a strategic advantage as opposed to a difficult undertaking.

What is Performance Management Software?

performance management software

In today’s competitive business landscape, optimizing employee performance is not just a necessity but a strategic imperative for organizations aiming for success. This is where Performance Management Software comes into the picture. It is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the evaluation and management of employee performance.

From setting clear objectives through OKRs and KPIs to monitoring progress, conducting reviews, and providing feedback, this innovative software empowers managers and team leaders to drive productivity and foster a culture of continuous improvement within their teams. By leveraging performance management software, organizations can not only assess individual performance but also make informed decisions to propel their overall success.

Join us as we delve into the world of performance management software, exploring its key pillars and features tailored to meet the diverse needs of your organizations in Saudi Arabia.

What are the Benefits of using Performance Management Software?

There are numerous advantages to using performance management software for organizations, managers, and employees. Here are a few main benefits:

Make the Procedure Simple: By automating and centralizing the performance evaluation process, performance management software eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual documentation. You as an HR Manager can save time and effort because this optimizes workflows and instead use this time to concentrate on other important tasks.

Set Clear Goals: By utilizing frameworks like OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), these software solutions help organizations define measurable, clear goals for their workforce. Employees are better able to comprehend expectations and match their efforts with their organization’s goals when there is clarity.

Provide Constant Feedback: Performance management Software makes it easier for managers and employees to provide feedback to one other on a regular basis. This thus helps in promoting a continuous improvement culture. Employees may make quick modifications to their plans and stay on track to achieve their goals with the support of real-time feedback.

Evaluate Objective: These software solutions make sure that performance evaluations are impartial, objective, and based on quantifiable results rather than subjective opinions by employing predetermined criteria and performance indicators.

Get Data-Driven Insights: Analytics and insights on patterns in employee performance, as well as opportunities for development, are produced by performance management software. These insights enable managers to allocate resources, prepare for succession, and develop talent in an informed manner.

Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation: Higher levels of employee engagement and motivation are a result of regular feedback, goal alignment, and recognition elements included in performance management software. Acknowledging and thanking employees for their accomplishments raises morale and motivates them to give their best work.

Improves Professional Development: Performance management software uses employee performance reviews to identify individuals’ skill gaps and areas for growth. This makes it possible for organizations to customize training and development plans to meet the needs of certain employees and develop their potential.

Overall, by offering a defined framework for managing and optimizing employee performance, performance management software improves organizational efficacy, efficiency, and employee happiness.

Top Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia

With so many options available, it might become a daunting effort for you to visit each performance management website and look for its features.

Don’t worry; we’ve put up the list so you can choose wisely.

top performance management software

Zimyo is a leading global provider of complete HRMS and payroll solutions that are designed to satisfy the various needs of your organization in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. It provides a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from hiring to offboarding and all points in between.

These solutions include HR and payroll management, application tracking systems (ATS), performance management, time and attendance monitoring, and employee engagement tools. You can tailor your experience to your organization’s needs by choosing from over 48 modules. This cloud-based software ensures smooth operations and increased productivity by optimizing every facet of the employee lifecycle.

With only five clicks to execute payroll, the user-friendly interface of Zimyo’s payroll software ensures compliance with GCC rules and eliminates manual errors while providing optimum accuracy. It manages all intricate payroll issues and is available with a variety of payment options.

Established in 2018, Zimyo has emerged as the most reliable platform in a short amount of time, as industry analysts like G2 have acknowledged it as the best in the payroll area. It will empower your organization by streamlining your payroll procedures, regardless of your size.

Key Features


Starts at $2 per employee per month
performance management dashboard

Bayzat helps organizations accomplish goals by monitoring, maintaining, and enhancing employee performance with the help of the offered performance management system. Setting attainable goals allows managers to keep an eye on development without having to rely on handwritten notes and lost spreadsheets.

This software provides features like 360-degree feedback, customized evaluation forms, capabilities, one-on-ones, etc. The system eliminates confusion by providing a seamless means of grading employee goals and tracking progress throughout the whole organization.

Key Features


To know the pricing of Bayzat payroll software connect with its sales team.

zenhr hr dashboard

ZenHR offers complete performance management solutions. It offers an extensive toolkit for performance management assessments. Numerous functions are available, such as goal management, employee involvement, reporting and analytics, review and check-ins, and continuous feedback management.

It is simple to modify this performance management software to meet the needs of the organization. The software facilitates the simplification of the entire process, including cycles of performance reviews, simple data analytics, etc. Your organization can create a high-performance culture and continuously improve with the help of ZenHR performance management software.

Key Features


To know the pricing of ZenHR payroll software request for a quote from their sales team.

pitant performance management

The performance management software offered by Pittant in Saudi Arabia improves the operational excellence of businesses easily, which transforms the performance review process. With automated tools for goal-setting, individual growth plans, and employee evaluation, managers can give their staff quick feedback and assistance.

Through the use of Key Performance Indicator tracking software, organizations can more effectively focus on goals, pinpoint areas for improvement, and improve worker alignment with business objectives. Automated reminders and monthly progress reports simplify processes, guaranteeing efficiency and ongoing development.

With only a few clicks, Pittant’s software makes it easier to match team and individual performance with company objectives, streamlining HR administration and fostering success.

Key Features


Starts at @ 9 SAR per month
ojoor perfromane dashboard

Growth-oriented businesses looking for real-time performance tracking and assessment will benefit greatly from the complete capabilities provided by Ojoor Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia. Managers may effectively engage remote staff with tools like one-on-one meetings, which allow them to define agendas for targeted talks and automatically schedule sessions.

The Continuous Feedback Module offers accurate insights for team development while promoting a culture of appreciation and inspiration. Important goals can be quantified with Ojoor’s OKR solution, which makes tracking and coordination easier at the departmental, organizational, and individual levels.

Additionally, the 360 Reviews feature redefines performance evaluations, gathering feedback from multiple perspectives to ensure a comprehensive appraisal process.

Key Features


To know the pricing of Ojoor performance management software get in touch with their sales team.

menaitech performance dashboard

One of the top performance management software in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations is Menaitech. It offers small, medium, and large business solutions. With the use of this software, an organization’s HR department may streamline employee performance management and improve overall job performance while maintaining alignment with the goals of the business.

Numerous functions, such as 360-degree feedback, reports, analytics, surveys, and feedback, etc., are included in its performance management system. A comprehensive suite of tools from Menaitech also includes HRMS, Payroll, Time and Attendance Management, Talent Management, etc.

Key Features


To know the pricing of Menaitech performance management software contact their sales team.

PeopleQlik performance dashboard

The performance management software from PeopleQlik helps your organization operate more efficiently. Customers from several Middle Eastern nations use it. For managers and leaders, it streamlines the entire performance management process. It guarantees openness, which raises employee engagement.

Their fundamental components of performance management encompass social recognition, compensation planning and administration, 360-degree feedback, and more. Users can conduct several types of performance appraisals using its performance management module.

PeopleQlik offers several modules in addition to performance management, such as Core HR, Payroll, Employee Self-Service Portal, HR Analytics, etc.

Key Features


Starts at starts @ $20 per month

How Can You Choose the Right Performance Management Software?

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1. What are the Needs of your Organization?

When you decide to look for the different options that provide performance management it is essential to assess the specific requirements of your organization. You should first understand the challenges your organization is facing. Take into account factors like your workforce size, the complex nature of your performance review procedure, and any special features or functionalities you might require.

2. How Scalable is the software?

Your organization will definitely grow with time, so you need software that will scale and grow with your organization. Make sure there won’t be any major disruptions in the software that you select when the number of employees in your organization grows and their performance management requirements change.

3. How User-Friendly the Interface is?

Select a smart and user-friendly performance management software that is easy to use for both managers and employees. An interface that is easy to use will promote adoption and engagement, which will increase the software’s efficiency.

4. How Seamlessly it can Integrate with other software?

The new software you choose for performance management must easily integrate with other software like payroll, communication platforms, and HRIS to make your work easy and streamlined. This seamless integration simply gives benefits like improving data accuracy and workflow streamlining.

5. How is the Customer Support?

Choose a software that provides top-notch customer service to help with software setup, onboarding, and continuing use. Software transfer and optimal use will be ensured by having access to well-informed support people and extensive training materials. As only implementation of software is not just the end, you need assistance later to use it seamlessly.


To control the performance of their entire workforce, organizations of all sizes must adopt performance management software, which is a very useful and crucial technology. It is very simple to identify minor problems with a performance management system and address them before they become larger problems.

With their advanced technologies, software like Zimyo is utilizing the employee experience globally. Everything is automated, including payroll, HR, and performance management. By utilizing the many advantages of performance management software, you can improve performance and productivity while spending less time resolving management-related issues. This is because the software focuses on fostering communication and goal-setting.

Several aspects of this performance management system assist managers and leaders in keeping an eye on the performance of their employers and deciding on payroll, promotions, increments, and other matters. Engagement among employers improves, and they feel more empowered when they can comprehend that PMS or performance management systems are there to guide them and help them develop and have greater control over their career progression. As a result, this program is quite simple to implement, making it a great way to advance your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Software for performance management makes it easier to evaluate performance, promotes goal clarity, allows for ongoing feedback, guarantees objective assessments, offers data-driven insights, increases employee engagement, and advances professional development—all of which increase the efficacy and efficiency of organizations.

Performance management software facilitates the development of employee motivation by offering possibilities for advancement, clear feedback, and acknowledgment. Employees are motivated to pursue excellence via a culture of continuous improvement fostered by performance tracking and rewards.

Many vendors are providing performance management software. Some of the best performance management software include Zimyo Performance, Lattice, Leapsome, and BambooHR.

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