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95% of its partners found Zimyo the easiest platform to switch and set up their complex processes in the shortest turnaround time. The platform offers dedicated customer support, meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes and have been recognized twice by G2 as a “High Performer” in the HRMS, Payroll, and Time & Attendance Software categories.

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G2 Recognizes Zimyo As A Leader In HRMS Category

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Zimyo vs greythr

Introduction: Zimyo Vs greytHR

Choosing an HRMS software is a major challenge. Managing employee records, calculating working hours, and performing all HR tasks can all take many hours of data entry and result in major errors if done manually. As a result, it is critical to start comparisons of your options at hand. 

Comparing various HCM solutions is essential if you want to select the best one. This comparison process will save you hours of research time while going through the tedious process of repetitive tasks. Implementing Zimyo vs greytHR will necessitate a detailed check of key features. In this section, we will look at a detailed assessment of the two.

We compared Zimyo vs greytHR HRMS software to give you more options and help you make the best decision for your company.

Zimyo vs GreytHR: Overall Comparison

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Zimyo vs GreytHR: Module Wise Comparison

Zimyo vs GreytHR

Payroll & Expense Management

Let’s look at the salient features of both these payroll software:

Payroll & Expense Management With Zimyo

Zimyo aims to provide organizations with the #1 Human Experience by catering to the trust of more than 500+ companies of different sizes. Our cloud-based payroll software effectively helps streamline and simplify all of your payroll operations.

Whether it’s tax and compliance updates, accurate expense management, or exceptional customer service, you name it, and we’ll solve it. Developed for small businesses and larger corporations to help them run the entire payroll process in just three simple steps.

Compliance & Taxes:

With Zimyo taking care of all statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, IT, LWF etc. for your employees, you’ll get back hours of time and feel confident that your organization is in line with all tax requirements.

Benefits & Reimbursements:

Our payroll management software can help you handle a multitude of additional payment options & benefits with just a few clicks. Whether it’s deductions or bonuses, your payroll process will be 100% error-free!

Salary Computation & Process:

Our payroll management system handles every aspect of payroll processing, so you can end the month with accurate expense management and put a smile on your employees’ faces. With Zimyo, you can easily manage your data and make your payroll processes completely error free!

Perquisites, Loans and Advances:

Our payroll software handles cumulative data management of employee’s personal and professional loans along with other benefits and privileges.


Our payroll software helps you generate automated recording of invoices and manage vendor & salary entries efficiently.

Efficient Expense Management:

Whether you’re looking to evaluate cash requirements, assess total deductions, or analyze expenses made per employee, you can trust our payroll software to keep you updated.

Excellent Customer Support:

You can’t just wait for days to get your queries resolved. With Zimyo, you’ll always have an excellent customer support team to efficiently assist you and provide the level of support you expect from us.

Seamless Integration:

Unlike most HR platforms, Zimyo’s payroll software enables you to combine your payroll and HR solutions to simplify your daily operations.

Payroll & Expense Management With GreytHR

greytHR is a cloud based HRMS and payroll solution used to manage payroll-related activities for all employees & organizations. It works on reducing the hassles which are faced by the accounting and HR departments in terms of employee payroll management.

Statutory Compliance:

The payroll system automatically updates all statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, IT, and other benefits based on the most recent laws and amendments.

Salary Computation & Process:

GreytHR automatically computes salary for all employees including statutory deductions, loan deductions, revisions, loss of pay, IT computation, etc.


greytHR’s web payroll also incorporates extensive reimbursement configurations to help organizations in providing loans with multiple repayment and interest options.


greytHR’s payroll management software allows you to disburse salaries with seamless integration of leave and attendance information for all employees as payroll inputs.

Reports & Insights:

greytHR has readymade and standard reports to help you make strategic payroll decisions for your workforce.

payroll software dashboard

Time And Attendance Management

Attendance & Leave Management With Zimyo

The days of manually updating time and maintaining excel sheets are gone.

With Zimyo’s web and mobile-based time and attendance software, everyone can punch in their hours right from their smartphones. Isn’t it incredible? There’s more!

Our time and attendance software helps you and your team update and track hours from anywhere – whether they’re working remotely, in the field, or at the office. Let’s take a look at the super cool features we offer: 

Online Timesheets:

Want to know where all the time went? Skip the wait to get a deeper dive into your employee’s daily work progress with our online timesheets feature. 

Business Commute Monitoring:

Employees working on the field or remote? No worries. Track their working hours with 100% accuracy right from your desktop or smartphone.  

Customizable Workflows:

Simplify the complexities of single to multi-level requests and approvals for effective task management.

Buddy-Punch Protection:

Our time & attendance software gives you the assurance that your employees are showing up for work on time, ALWAYS.

Configurable Policies:

Our time & attendance software helps you design personalized time tracking and leave policies that are tailored to your needs. 


Our calendar provides you amazing flexibility to not only plan future shift schedules but also modify any possible errors in employee shifts.

Easy Accessibility:

Our web and mobile based time & attendance software helps your team track work hours from anywhere – whether they’re remote, in the field, or at the office.

Easy Leave Requests & Approvals:

With easy leave management and one-click approvals, our time & attendance software makes your attendance management process a breeze!

Insightful Reports:

You can create informative reports to assess the distribution of resources, billable and non-billable hours, leaves, overtime working hours, and more.

Attendance & Leave Management With GreytHR 

GreytHR leave & attendance management system is specially designed for the small & medium sized business. It helps simplify the leave & attendance management for HR professionals in an organization. Let’s take a look at some of the core features of GreytHR time & attendance system: 

Configurable Leave Policies:

GreytHR leave management system enables the employer to configure all leave rules, specific to their organization while complying with all state and central regulations.

Leave Requests & Approvals:

Online leave application, tracking and approval between employees and their managers with near-zero HR intervention.


Prepare and publish the company’s holiday list, including both general and restricted holidays.

Reporting & Analytics:

Generate detailed reports and insightful decisions with this module to optimize your overtime costs.

Shift Management:

You can create various shifts, rotational policies, attendance exception policies, and holiday guidelines and design an attendance policy.

time and attendance software

Recruitment Management

greythr vs zimyo

Recruitment Management With Zimyo 

From managing job applications to sending out offer letters, a good recruitment and selection process should feel effortless.

For both HR professionals and jobseekers, our recruitment management software makes the hiring and employee onboarding process a breeze. It helps you communicate effectively at every stage of the evaluation phase, and a paperless approach – so that your hiring team appears like a rockstar & your company reputation soars high!

Dynamic Hiring Workflows:

Zimyo’s customizable hiring workflows feature helps you define and design different levels of the hiring process.

Robust Applicant Tracking System:

From tracking applicants to scheduling interviews and hiring fresh talent, make your recruitment process fast and easy using our ATS in every phase of hiring & onboarding. 

Effortless Candidate Management:

From easy resume parsing to find the right candidate for your job role, our recruitment management software helps you manage all your applicants like clockwork.

Centralized Dashboard:

Get a speedy hiring process by having all candidate information stored in a single centralized place, right in front of your eyes whenever you need it.

Automated Onboarding: 

Our recruitment management software helps you ensure a smooth hiring & onboarding process – without the hassles of paperwork!

Recruitment Management With GreytHR

GreytHR does not provide recruitment management services for HR professionals.

Performance Management

Performance Management With Zimyo

With Zimyo, employee performance doesn’t simply mean meeting organizational objectives – it’s also about empowering your workforce to grow. Help your staff learn about your strategic goals, measure their performance in real-time, and get a quick overview of your progress – all on a single seamless platform.

Effective Goal Management:

Define and assign SMART goals-KRAs, KPIs & competencies for your employees and turn your workforce into a growth engine.

360 Degree Feedback:

Don’t just limit yourself to annual assessments of employee performance. Give real-time feedback to your employees with our performance management software.


With our automated OKR templates, set, communicate, and assign goals without hassles so that all employees work towards achieving the same goal.

9 Box Matrix:

Get all relevant employee performance data such as performance score, potential score, and critical contributor indicator, etc. within a few clicks!

Performance Assessments:

Make performance reviews streamlined and spot your top performers with our performance management software.

Continuous Feedback:

Provide relevant feedback to your employees in real-time & make the right call for your workforce.

Performance Management With GreytHR

GreytHR does not support employee performance management for organizations as of now.

hrms dashboard

Employee Engagement

Zimyo vs GreytHR difference

Employee Engagement With Zimyo

With Zimyo you have an engagement platform for the next-gen employees. You can now persuade your employees to communicate by asking the relevant questions on various aspects of their working lives and receiving data-backed suggestions or inputs to take steps and resolve challenges.

The best part: you can constantly assess how your activities and efforts improve the engagement, productivity, and retention of employees.

Organization Social Networking:

Innovate how you communicate with your employees and make your internal communication flow smoothly.

Employee Recognition Platform:

Appreciate your employees for the hard work they do, and address burnout before it ever gets triggered.


Gather useful feedback to further develop your organization and get an insight into how each employee feels.


Make company-wide announcements, share news and alerts, and celebrate milestones – everything in just a few taps!

Feedback (Polls & Surveys):

Conduct polls and surveys to get their feedback on how they feel about new changes in the organization. 

Break Room:

No matter where your employees are, connect them together with our “break room” and make them feel like a part of the team.

Employee Engagement With GreytHR

GreytHR does not currently support employee engagement & recognition platforms for organizations.

Employee engagement

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits With Zimyo

Zimyo offers amazing employee benefits such as advance salary, payday loans/ personal loans, health & term life insurance, tax saving investment plans, mutual funds, expense cards/ credit cards, retirement plans, and much more. This offers organizations easy access to financial benefits, thus, helping them attract, engage and retain top talents. 

Employee Personal Loans:

Zimyo Employee Loans allows you to offer loans such as personal loans, medical emergency loans, and travel around loans to your employees when they need them the most. Zimyo offers loans up to INR 2 Lakhs. The best thing about Zimyo personal loans is instant bank transfer and no facilitation charges. 


Personal accidental, group accidental, retail health insurance, group health insurance, term life insurance, etc. comes under Zimyo’s Insurance module. 

Cards & Payments:

Zimyo allows organizations to offer corporate cards, salary cards, payouts, or credit cards to their employees. These products help employees pay during business trips without using their personal cash. 

Tax Saving Investments:

Be the financial advisor to your employees and allow them to choose the best investment option so that they can enjoy their life post-retirement. 

Advance Salary:

Give your employees access to their salary as soon as they earn it. Zimyo does not require any credit score. No interest, no hidden charges, instant disbursement, what else do you need? 

Instant Bulk Salary Payouts:

Move ahead of file upload errors. Bulk payments are easy now with Zimyo payouts. Transfer wages to your employees instantly using Zimyo Payouts. 

Employee Benefits With GreytHR

Currently, GreytHR doesn’t have an employee benefits platform.

Why Should You Prefer Zimyo Over Other HCM Solutions?

Winning the trust of more than 500+ CHRO’s, Zimyo is an end to end mobile friendly HCM solution that caters to all your organizational requirements – that too, on the go!

With integrated modules whether it is HR software, payroll software, attendance management software, performance management software or employee engagement software, our HRMS software helps you optimize your team’s efforts and maximize your outputs.

Here are a few of the reasons why Zimyo can be your “ideal” choice: 

  • 2X improved work efficiency
  • 3X reduced manual errors
  • 2X Speedier recruitment process
  • 3X increase in employee retention
  • 88% reduction in manual effort.
  • Lower Absenteeism & Burnout
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Productivity

A Word From Zimyo

Every organization has different needs & requirements when it comes to human resource management. However, getting a deeper dive on the features and benefits of different HRMS solutions is a must to know which one is the best choice for your organization. 

Want to give our HRMS software a try? Request a demo today!