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Diving deep into the realities behind Business impact of Mental wellness


September 02, 2020 | 4:30 PM IST

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We are recovering from the lockdown and the Pandemic rapidly. Companies are contemplating whether to start regular offices or not. The lockdown has taught us a few things. Work from home is prevalent but it has also brought out many glaring realities in the open. Can companies really work at the same efficiency in each mode of work? Should they pick one of the two? If yes, which one? Is a partial work from home and office a workable model? What will be the effect of such a system on the mental well being of the employers as well as employees?

Zimyo is hosting a webinar to discuss and debate all of the above questions which have created a lot of pressure on the managers and leaders across industries.

Key points for discussion:

  • Business or People: Who should you choose?
  • Can work happen outside the office? If yes, then what is the effort required and what would be the gains?
  • Should you approach this subject as an emotional call or should you rely on numbers and data?
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About the Speaker

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Sunanda Banerjee is a passionate Coach driven by pure joy of imparting and facilitating learnings that help aspiring and ambitious professionals to move one step ahead from the crowd. As a founder of CoEmerge, she strives to create, deliver and enable Skill Development initiatives of Corporate and Educational institutes.
She has a decade of experience in pivotal roles, spanning across domains and industries. Advertisement fanatic and brand studies geekiness enriches her to be a perspective- driven and involved Brand Consultant as well. She works primarily for budding and growing startups and established organizations to drive home, meaningful communication and brand management.

A blogger and reading enthusiast, Sunanda truly believes, Neuromarketing is going to change the way we consume/ spend. She hopes to be a proud part of that transformation. A believer in disruption and Karma, she envisions her journey to be that of a change maker, driven by merit and intellect.

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Who should Attend

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Founders, CEOs, HR Professionals
Future Leaders who wish to gain a perspective

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1 Hour

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  • QnA Session at the end of discussion

  • Intellectual debate on what decision makers, HR professionals, CEOs, Founders and heads of companies should do

  • A post event follow up article on the main agenda of the discussion

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