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Custom ERP Solutions

How would you like to have error free data and manage all your departments from a single platform. This era of technology makes manual record keeping, inaccurate data and erroneous results a thing of the past, making way for SaaS solutions. Bring order to chaos with our custom designed ERP solutions. Easily track, monitor and optimize your resources with our bespoke solutions. Zimyo provides cost-effective, innovative and configurable ERP solutions for your start up or small and medium sized businesses. Our eclectic range of SaaS solutions offers diversified laterals for different business fields.It also helps maintain a secured and centralized data repository to proactively address concerns and drive improvements accordingly. With the flexibility to configure your organization’s various architectures like Customer Resource Management(CRM), Human Resource Management(HRMS) or Supply Chain Management(SCM) into one seamless repository, our bespoke ERP solutions offers below benefits:

  • Eliminates redundant processes and systems for better profit margins
  • Seamless integration of regional resources at one platform
  • Flexibility to support ever changing business requirements
  • Automation of core business operations
  • Advanced and accurate data processing and analytics

At Zimyo, we provide you with comprehensive and customized ERP solutions. Equipped with a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals, we are the pioneers in providing your business with the best solutions.

Product Consulting

Managing your product is achieving the vision you set out with and it requires going beyond the widespread worries of on-time and on-budget delivery. Following the convectional ways might give you the initial success but for long term gains you have to move out of the narrowly defined product management route.

We at Zimyo think of product management as a long term and intricate planning tool to jumpstart, scale up and replicate the product success. Your customer journey should always be delightful, right from product introduction to service and support. Hence you have to design a complete offering for them. We at Zimyo help transform your product management organization for achieving the desired success.

Zimyo Offerings

Market insights, opportunity sizing and competition mapping

Product benchmarking with market ground realities

Business plan and product roadmap for effective positioning

Launch plan & the go-to market business strategy

Initial response mapping

Discrepancies check for further innovations

Product and service portfolio retooling

Cross functional collaboration tools

Better understanding of product scope for good market capture

Reduced costs from minimized product failures

Streamlined product innovation process