Roles and

Grant or restrict permissions to specific users for specific functions

Restrict access
Restrict access to sensitive data or information, specific functions, and manage users by their roles in the organization or the project.
  • Manage User Authority
  • Set view-only limits
  • Create and assign user roles
  • Customize Permissions
  • Enhance compliances
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Manager Self-Service (MSS)
  • Menu restrictions
  • Product visibility by user role

Grant specific access permission to your users for each form, field, and action. This will enable specific users to add, edit, view, or delete operations in a form record.

Allow employees to see specific data or information which in turn disables them to take any actions.

Create roles and assign view, edit, change, or delete permissions to each role.

Manage user authority
Customize Permissions

Customize permissions for different user roles and manage access based on department, entity, location, designation, etc.

Effective data management enables organizations to meet the regulatory and statutory requirements for confidentiality and privacy.

ESS is meant to lower the efforts of HR people by allowing the users to perform actions for themselves, including being able to see their own data. 

MSS allows managers to initiate, execute, and edit processes independently and have immediate access to team information, and initiate HR-related actions.

The menu restriction feature allows the admins or sub-admins to set restrictions on different fields in different modules. 

It lets you show/hide products or modules depending on the user role. Let’s say, you don’t want your HR team to view the payroll details, you can easily set restrictions to the payroll module, thus disabling the HR team to view the product. 

Manage Self Service

Easily define roles and then bring those roles to life through our easy to use permission assignment interface. If you want to keep your company data safe and secure, enhance compliances, reduce IT and admin loads, then roles and permissions should be on the top of your priority list. At Zimyo, we understand your data security needs and ensure that you get the control you require. 

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