Reimbursements Management Software

Reward the Deserving 

Praising the Praiseworthy

  • Day to Day Flexi Expenses
  • Telephone Reimbursements
  • Leave Travel Allowance
  • Driver and Car Reimbursements

HR Managers can manage car and driver imbursements dynamically and through automated procedures.

Telephones are mandatory for communication in any company. Additionally some companies also provide employees with individual phones for official purposes. Expenditure on these devices can be seamlessly reimbursed by HR Managers.

HR Managers can log the daily expenses incurred in the organization and track organizational expenditures. This also brings transparency in the revenue management.

An important benefit provided to employees is leave travel allowances which can be monitored and tracked through this feature.

Every organization that aims at providing the best employee experience to its workforce, provides benefits and reimbursements for their welfare. Zimyo makes this procedure seamless for you.

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