Flexi Pay

Many organizations have Flexi benefits as a part of their compensation and benefits. Flexi Pay provides employees freedom of financial well-being that helps in improving the process of payroll thereby reducing the cost. It attracts employees and helps in retaining them. Flexi pay keeps the track of expenses of the employees along with the benefits that are given to them.


Zimyo’s Fexi-Pay Benefits

Zimyo Payroll helps the organization to design and implement the Flexi benefits policies and in disbursement. Employees can submit Flexi benefit and get approvals online and check the status for the same with the reimbursement details. Make your payroll flexible and easy to handle with the calculation of any kind of salary structure. With the Flexi benefit feature, keep a track on the expense as well as the benefits given to the employees and manage the reimbursements for the same without depending on the spreadsheets maintaining the same. Working seamlessly with the integrated Zimyo Payroll Software gives you the power to process the entire payroll with speed and accuracy.