Employee Finance

When an organization has good employees working for them, the organization tends to look after them which is a crucial aspect of their employees’ life. Managing finance is important for both employers and employees. Managing employees’ finance is an important aspect of the organization. The employees can easily track their tax saving options, declare their investments, submit the valid proofs required, and can get those approved by the finance team hassle-free. Designed for making, connecting, storing, and reporting various sorts of financial transactions, a financial management system ultimately has one core purpose: counting money.


Zimyo Employee Finance

With Zimyo Payroll, it becomes very easy for the employees to make the right investment decision and declare them on time. This not only saves taxes but also helps to keep a track of their finances. Save your taxes in an organization with the employee-centric Zimyo Payroll Software that can help in making the tax declaration the easiest, and the most useful part for all the employees. The software allows you to generate the required return files. You can easily verify the investment declaration made by an employee for tax saving purposes and you can approve it or reject it accordingly. You can view all verified investments with required proofs declared by an individual or all employees in one place.