Payroll Integration

In the business world today, everyone knows the value of an efficient processing system. A proper integration system can avoid duplication of efforts, human errors, and can be more liable due to the sensitivity of employees’ information. It often gets difficult to process data manually for each employee starting from onboarding to the salary disbursals. Payroll Integration is an automated delivery system of the employees’ data without the need for manual uploads. An integrated payroll system allows both HR & payroll staff to access the same information of the employees without duplicating their efforts, creating an efficiency that saves time and money.

payroll integration

Zimyo’s Integrated Payroll System

With Zimyo’s payroll solutions, you can integrate the payroll to make the process of paying your employees’ pain-free. The use of payroll software will make the salary process easy and accurate for your organization. The data can get auto synchronized from the HRMS software including the clocked in and out for the shifts. The management can keep a track of the employees’ attendance and the leave information that can be reviewed and synchronized directly to Zimyo Payroll for the salary processing accordingly. The payroll Integration feature helps the senior management to review all the information needed to approve the payroll in one place. Zimyo Payroll Software eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chance of potentially costly errors. The integration with Zimyo HR will make your process simpler and more accurate.