Time Tracking

A time tracking management system also known as timesheet software or time tracking software is simply used for calculating or measuring total working hours regularly according to the project management methodologies and accounting systems to our businesses. For instance, in the traditional format of time tracking, there was a ledger register which was filled manually, where working hours were mentioned by every employee at both login & logout time.

But now various software system updates have been made, in which all these activities are performed automatically via a biometric attendance machine, which helps to manage data in terms of both employee management and daily working hours.

Apply, track and monitor employees time and attendance on the go

  • Generate detailed attendance, leave, and overtime summary
  • Geo-location tracking for mobile check-in and check-out
  • Decrease errors and record working hours with supreme accuracy
  • Biometric data will be in sync with our HRMS 24*7.
  • Track overtime hours, comp offs, late comings with real-time attendance data
  • Create single or multiple shifts as per your organization’s needs.
Time tracking

Zimyo Timesheet Software

Zimyo timesheet software is the easiest and the most convenient time tracking software to track the time of your employees on internal or external projects and is integrated with employee shift time, attendance, and leaves. Zimyo timesheet software automatically identifies the workweek of the employee based on the shift allocation. Employees can submit multiple timesheets based on the projects they’ve worked on and the time they spent on the project which is notified to the manager via Zimyo timesheet software and he can easily review the timesheet and approve it in one go.