Task Management

Task management software or Task management system helps to manage the task by evaluating & scheduling, track dependencies, resources, and milestones that keep you updated about all activities. It can help you to make a crucial decision and prioritizes your work which eventually smoothens the workflow of your organization with better productivity and completes more work in limited time. It is time-efficient and helps an individual or group of individuals to collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

The modern task system provides the following features.

  • Develop a high-quality workflow process.
  • Prioritized and schedule with major releases.
  • Tracks issues and defects related to the assigned project.
  • View project speed, burn down, and burn up reports.
Task Management

Zimyo Task Management software

Zimyo task software or To-do list lessens your stress by keeping a track of your workload and it lets you know what is meant to be done and when. You’ll get notified before the task is due, to keep you updated on the top of your deadline. You can create a task on Zimyo HRMS software and visualize the work process by organizing tasks on a priority basis. It is an automated system. You can even view the date on which the task is assigned to a specific employee and the progress on the same