Roster Management

Roster management software and shift management both are co-related with each other. Similar to the shift management system, roaster management software is also used by those organizations where employees work on different time slots (day or night shift) according to their knowledge, experience, and the requirement of the organization as well. The roaster system is also used by those organizations that export a third-party payroll system. Roster system is also referred to as schedule management. It is done to make sure that each shift has an adequate number of employees so that the productivity of an organization doesn’t get hampered.

Here is a list below for benefits of using this software system

  • Quickly fill open shifts & Ensure adequate shift coverage.
  • Reduce labor costs, foresee, and avoid overtime.
  • Spend less time creating and publishing roasters.
  • Take control of your data: Better safe than stolen.
Roster Management
Roster Management

Zimyo Roster Management System

Using Zimyo Roster Management system, you can automate rosters and save time, avoiding any confusion. It aids in spotting issues due to which problems occur during shift management. Zimyo Roster system provides features that allow you to stay completely in control of your organization’s timings. It is easy to use providing you day to day administration and tactical planning tools and provides you real-time information about your labor supply. Zimyo roaster system allows you to adjust your roster to meet all KPI, total hours, cost, pay-rates, and so on.