Leave Management

Leave management is one of the easy yet important characteristics of HR functions or HR activities which consumes a significant part of HR. This management system allows you to keep a track of various employees’ leaves data with an automated form of this software. Also, you can easily track/keep the whole year (one year or more than that) data of every individual employee, in one place.

The special feature of this system is that employees can also view their balance leaves and once they applied for leave the concerned person from the HR department will receive the notification for that.


Zimyo Leave Management Software

Zimyo leave management software creates unlimited leave types, defining the leave policies for each leave type like casual leave, earned leave, sick leave, paid leave, maternity leave, etc according to the work culture and business goals. It is easy, convenient, and accurate for both managers and employees giving you one-click access to the management portals. You can create an attendance scheme and location-based holidays for different locations if your business is geographically distributed. It provides a multi-level leave approval flow and defines the flexibility of the approved workflows for leave requests.