This is the form of managing employee’s attendance or presence in a workplace to reduce loss due to their downtime or absence. Though employee’s attendance in the traditional format, used to manage by a clock, manual sheet entries, and in some companies time tracking software also, attendance management system takes place in all educational platforms and on companies level as well. By using HRMS software system’s function of attendance management you can calculate real-time data which also allow for cross-linking between location data and data performance.

Apply, track and monitor employees time and attendance on the go
  • Generate detailed attendance, leave and overtime summary
  • Geo location tracking for mobile check-in and check-out
  • Decrease errors and record working hours with supreme accuracy
  • Biometric data will be in sync with our HRMS 24*7.
  • Track overtime hours, comp offs, late comings with real time attendance data
  • Create single or multiple shifts as per your organization needs