Announcement Management


An announcement is something, informing about the upcoming event. In organizations, the announcement is recommended for the first day of an employee on the new job, so that other employees get to know about adding a new member to the team. The employee announcement is an integral component of how you welcome a new employee in the organization or any new activity which is going to be organized in the organization and with the help of HRMS’ automated software system it is easy to update employees about anything new in the organization.

Zimyo Announcement Management

Zimyo HRMS provides you a feature of announcement management by which you can make all the important announcements related to the business organization or a company by just a few clicks. It allows you to control announcements wherever they are needed. Zimyo’s announcement management system is one of the most advanced systems that provide you full control over the company’s announcements. Be it employee monitoring announcement, new employee joining announcement, meeting announcement, or any other event’s announcement, it becomes easy to manage them using Zimyo HRMS.