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Robust Performance Management System with Diverse Modules

Define customized goals as per the department and designation by setting SMART goals- KPI, KRA, OKRs. The managers can check the status of goals and monitor the progress.

Get ready-to-use OKR templates built for every department in the organization to analyze the performance of each employee.

okr framework

Get feedback on the performance by enabling collaboration between various departments. Create surveys, rating mechanism for self-assessment, peer-to-peer recognition, and anonymous feedback to provide 360-degree feedback on employee’s performance.

The 9-box matrix allows you to view relevant data about employee’s performance. HR can view various data such as performance score, potential score, critical contributor, and indicator to make informed decisions.

As the data is stored in one centralized place, managers can easily evaluate the performance review data to identify the top performers and employees who need training and development.

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Boost Your Employees performance and productivity by 2x. The robust performance management software allows managers to set goals, track performance, and provide continuous feedback to encourage learning and development culture in the organization.

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While setting a goal for your organization, it is pivotal that you should know the purpose behind the goal setting. What is the main objective that you want to achieve by setting the goal?

To measure whether the goals are achieved or not, you should assign a specific time frame for the goals.

Generally, a person should not have more than 3-5 major goals. Having too many goals can result in confusion and a lack of focus on one thing.

The performance management software comes with a variety of modules that helps in effectively assigning and tracking the goals of each employee.

OKR is a goal-setting strategy used by teams to set goals and measure their results. OKRs stand for objectives and key results, where objective defines what you want to achieve, and key results define how you will accomplish that task.

You can start by defining 3-5 objectives that you want to achieve within a specific time period.

The OKR framework provides useful insights about goals and what needs to be done to achieve those goals.

You should always set up OKR objectives that are not overwhelming to the employees but at the same time not so simple that it doesn't take any effort to achieve them.

360-degree feedback is a form of feedback that comes all around the employee. The feedback comes from subordinates, colleagues, managers, and self-assessment to provide clear feedback to employees.

In 360-degree feedback, the surveys are conducted where an employee can give anonymous feedback about the performance of their colleagues. This helps in identifying the key areas where the employee needs to work on.

The 360-degree is more cost-effective than other feedback processes like personal interviews because you can get feedback from all around the organization at the same time.

The 9-box matrix is an employee assessment tool that helps to evaluate the employee's performance in a department.

The employees are divided into 9 categories where the vertical column shows the employee's growth potential, and the horizontal column shows whether the employee is below, meeting, or exceeding performance expectations. Based on the employee's performance and potential, they are ranked on the matrix.

The 9-box matrix is a popular performance management tool. There are various benefits of using these tools. Some common reasons why one should use this tool are;

  • It is simple and easy to use 
  • it helps in identifying top talents
  • It works well for any organization and industry