Performance Assessment Software

Recognize, Reward, Repeat 

Encourage, engage, and develop your talent pool with our powerful performance appraisal system

  • Automated reviews
  • Configurable review process
  • Holistic performance reviews
  • Self-assessment
  • Review visibility
  • Improve engagement and openness
  • Develop multiple workflows, forms, and rating scales
  • Intriguing salary revision announcements
  • Get realistic reviews from managers
  • Structured, transparent performance reviews
  • Wrap up the review process quickly

One of the best things about our performance appraisal system is that it is fully automated which makes performance evaluations faster and easier for managers to complete. 

Run your appraisal cycle at any frequency; annually, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, or as often as you like. You can also customize your feedback forms, appraisal forms, and workflow processes. 

Our system allows multiple stakeholders ( reporting managers, peers, higher-ups, etc.) to give ratings or feedback to the employees, thus making the rating process more credible and efficient. 

Our performance appraisal system is highly flexible as it can be easily customized as per your business needs. You can create custom appraisal workflows, build unique review forms, and select the appropriate rating scale for each feedback question in the review forms. 

The system makes it easy to notify your employees about their salary appraisals by sending them automated emails. It also makes the appraisal letter distribution hassle-free, quick, and easy for your HR team.

Automated reminders or alerts ensure timely reviews and also eliminate the need for continuous follow-ups with employees.

The system allows managers and employees to self assess their performance and development, thus helping them find the gaps in their skills and ways to bridge those gaps. 

Unbiased and timely performance reviews boost job satisfaction and motivation among employees. It creates a sense of engagement and openness in the organization.

It is a well-known fact that employees who get appreciated for their performance are likely to perform better. It helps increase overall organizational productivity. 

This feature allows the admins to restrict some of the features in the performance review system so that employees can only see what the admin wants them to see. 

Self-assessment and constructive feedback enable employees to set priorities, work collaboratively, and find their strengths and areas of improvement. 

A fully-automated performance review system makes the performance assessments or evaluations more accurate and transparent. Our innovative performance management solutions may add value to your organization, as it makes your employees and managers more efficient. 

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