Organization Social Networking

Connect, Communicate, Celebrate 

Facilitate upfront conversations, hold brainstorming sessions, manage projects, share informative and valuable content, and make important announcements in no time

  • A Transparent Channel Of Communication
  • Meaningful Discussions
  • Company Magazine
  • Office Olympics
  • Share Knowledge
  • Open Employee Feedback Platform
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Promote Healthy Relationships Among Peers
  • Respond Faster
  • Increase Effectiveness

Facilitate open and honest communications among team leaders, team members, and across the organization.

Enable employees to indulge in meaningful discussions, craft new ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links.

Provide an opportunity to strengthen intra-organizational relationships. Promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace, thus fostering a collaborative work environment.

A platform for initiating dialogue, improving work culture and work practices.

Reward, recognize, and appreciate employees who go the extra miles to keep the business growing.

Observe employee’s performance and recognize employees who spare no effort to ensure timely completion of urgent deliverables.

Offer HR leaders the quick insights they need to make critical talent management decisions, through functions such as data visualizations.

Utilize persistent collaboration and real-time information to respond faster to employee’s issues or concerns.

Encourage different methods of working and hybrid methodologies across the organization to provide autonomy to your employees.

Upload photos of your team outings, office gatherings, parties, dinners, and events and create a company album or magazine. 

Promote fun and well-being at the workplace by organizing your own virtual fun activities where everyone can get involved and have fun. 

Sharing informative content, having a mentorship program, or creating a learning program will not only help you avoid the training cost, but it’s also a great engagement driver for newcomers.

By utilizing employee engagement solutions employees are more engaged and better able to align with the company’s objectives. In doing so, managers and leaders can gain clear insights into workplace engagement levels and boost their human culture all while weaving employees into the company fabric.

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