Our OKR templates will enable your organization to accomplish all the fundamental missions.
Track, measure, and evaluate your teams’ achievements in an organized and well-structured manner.

Objectives and Key Results prevent overlapping of individual priorities and goals. Organizational goals are often reviewed quarterly.

The advantage of an OKR framework is that it focuses better on actual results. Furthermore, it increases transparency and strategic alignment.

Company-wide OKRs help in communicating the tasks everybody should be working on and the expectation of their actions.

Mentioned below are some OKR examples for your entire organization to give you an overview of how to set goals.

Organization OKR Template
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Grow our business globally

Key Results:
  • Grow the company revenue to INR 23 crore
  • Launch the new product
  • Reduce churn to <5% with the help of customer success
  • Hit company global sales target of $4 Million in Sales

Delight the company clientele

Key Results:
  • Gather monthly feedback from at least 20 customers
  • Boost the customer retention rates to approx. 95%
  • Maintain a NPS score of 9 throughout the year

Strengthen the company’s corporate culture

Key Results:
  • Practice the 360-degree feedback loop via monthly surveys
  • Stabilize the average employee satisfaction score of 8 and aim to push it higher
  • Develop and implement the new mentorship program by the end of Q3

Launch the new product successfully by next two months

Key Results:
  • Develop at least 15 new customer case studies
  • Win the “Best Product of the Year” award at the annual industry conference

Improve the SEO rating and traffic on the website

Key Results:
  • Increase the amount of referral traffic from 5k to 10k in two months
  • Add 200 new referring domains
  • Decrease the bounce rate from 55% to 40%

Create a leading brand with quality communication and awareness

Key Results:
  • Develop new Ad campaigns and reach a million viewers.
  • Release bi-weekly press releases with top-notch publications.
  • Hold a webinar every month with 100+ active attendees.
  • Boost the number of website visits by 500 through guest blogs and article pieces.