Multiple Job Applications

Disrupting Traditional Methods of Hiring

You can't put all the skills in a person but you can assign a person for every skill

  • Bilateral Working
  • Resume Pipelining
  • Multiple Actions on One Job
  • Job Information Edit

Eligible candidates can apply for multiple job roles based on their skills or expertise. He and the interviewer can mutually agree on the job role that best suits his skill sets. Internally, it also provides interviewers the opportunity to play multiple roles in the hiring process, i.e, besides acting as a first-level interviewer he can also examine the candidates.

Similar to other modules and features provided by Zimyo, Multiple Job Applications also follows a dynamic workflow. Every level of this feature can be customized and personalized at every stage of the recruitment and onboarding process.

You can decide the duration for which a job posted by you is reflected on your career page. These durations can be set date wise, or you can keep them reflecting until you deactivate them, and they can disappear once the number of positions is filled.

Requirements regarding certain or all job openings can differ with time. HR Managers can simply make changes in the various fields of the job description on their job boards.

You can keep a resume in the pipeline for future requirements. This enables you to have a stock of candidates you would like to work with in the future when the need arises.

Not having a job board is not a concern anymore. We provide you with a unique URL and QR Code Scanner. With the use of these candidates can apply for job openings at your organization.

Candidates will have options for multiple responses on a job posted by you on your career page. They can apply for the opening, share those openings with their eligible friends and also refer someone for the job. Existing employees of the company can also opt for the latter two options.

Tracking and transparency go hand in hand and as authorized people, knowledge of which candidate is at what stage of hiring is essential. Hiring Managers and other authorized people can track the real-time status of applicants from recruitment to onboarding.

Multiple Job Applications is a unique feature that assists HR leaders to hire the best talents for their organization’s benefit. By providing candidates and HR Managers the right to choose we aim at empowering employees and employers.

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