Perquisites, Loans and Advances

The Perks of Being a Part of the Growth

Enabling HR Leaders Empower their Human Capital

  • Accommodation Perk
  • Holiday Expenses
  • Interest-free or Concessional Loans
  • Gift Vouchers

Whenever a new employee joins an organization, the expenditures incurred in their accommodation and travel can be managed and regulated by HR Managers.

The expenses incurred by the organizations on employees holidays, trips and tours can be managed by HR Managers and finance departments seamlessly.

Through the organizations collaborations with different loan offering companies and employees’ personal loans can be incorporated through this feature.

The stocks of the organization can be configured and ESOPs can be distributed among eligible employees following dynamic workflows as applicable.

In situations when there is a team outing or an employee works overtime, benefits and perks can be provided to them in the form of free meals. These expenditures can be managed and integrated with payroll without the requirement of excel sheets.

Expenses incurred by the organization in free or concessional travels of the employees can be tracked and monitored here.

HR Managers can keep a track on expenditures incurred by the organizations on providing automotive benefits to the employees.

Assets like laptop, mouse, bags are necessities for employees joining an organization. Disbursements of these assets and keeping a record of the same can be easily managed through the Payroll and Expense Management module.

Expenditures of individual employees and teams incurred on club outings can also be disbursed by organizations through seamless management.

As goodwill gesture a lot of organizations choose to clear credit card bills of their employees. These processes can be configured and easily monitored.

Non-monetary benefits provided to employees in the form of gift vouchers on multiple occassions can be curated and managed here.

To enable and empower an organizations human capital, special benefits like free education can be provided. These benefits serve as strengthening factors for the organization.

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