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At our facilities or construction sites, we need a qualified Welder to cut and join metals and other materials. You will use specialized equipment to assemble mechanical structures or pieces with extreme precision. Your work is critical because it lays the groundwork for a solid infrastructure.

A welder must be skilled in the use of potentially hazardous equipment while adhering to all safety precautions. In addition, the ideal candidate will have a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. It’s crucial to understand the many types of metals and their properties.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Experience as a welder that has been proven
  • Professional certification (for example, an AWS welding certificate) is advantageous.

Skills required for the job

  • Working knowledge of a wide range of welding equipment and procedures (TIG, MMA etc.)
  • Working knowledge of electrical and manual tools (saws, squares, calipers etc.)
  • Reading and understanding technical texts and drawings
  • Understanding of safety regulations and desire to wear protective gear (face-shield, gloves etc.)
  • Dexterity and a keen eye for detail
  • English proficiency is essential, as does completion of a qualifying apprenticeship programme.

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan layout and procedures by reading blueprints and drawings and taking or reading measurements.
  • Determine the best welding equipment or process for the job depending on the requirements.
  • Set up components for welding in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (e.g. cut material with powered saws to match measurements)
  • Using calipers, rulers, and other tools, align components and clamp sections together.
  • Weld components in various places using manual or semi-automatic welding equipment (vertical, horizontal or overhead)
  • Use welding pieces together and filling gaps to repair machines and other components.
  • To find defects in welded surfaces and structures, test and inspect them.
  • Keep your equipment in good working order so that it does not endanger your safety.

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