Special Education Teacher | Job Description Template

A Special Education Teacher is needed to expand our group of educators. You will be in charge of instructing classes of pupils with mild to moderate disabilities. You will create individualized lesson plans that are catered to each student’s needs and adjust the existing curriculum on fundamental subjects (such as arithmetic and writing) to fit their learning objectives. Additionally, you will talk with parents and the support personnel about significant issues that could obstruct students’ progress. 

In the end, you’ll encourage and assist kids in reaching significant learning milestones.

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Educational Qualifications

  • BSc in Special Education; an MSc is preferred; valid state special education certificate
  • demonstrable expertise as a special education teacher or in a related position 

Skills Required for the job

  • adequate familiarity with the most recent special education issues and techniques 
  • Working knowledge of a variety of children’s difficulties 
  • the capacity to draft IEPs 
  • a temperament that is tolerant, creative, and tenacious 
  • outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities 

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze student performance and develop lesson plans. 
  • Adapt educational resources to students’ requirements 
  • Observe and evaluate the development of your kids. Keep note of their behavior patterns and, if necessary, plan suitable treatments. 
  • Find entertaining exercises to train skills (e.g. drawing and theater drama) 
  • Organize crises in the classroom and settle disputes 
  • Educate students about the transfer to the following grade 
  • Give parents information on their kids’ performance and any potential issues. 
  • Mentor and/or coach other professionals who work with disabled children. 
  • Create comprehensive intervention strategies in collaboration with the support staff, such as school counselors and speech therapists.

Company Offerings

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