School Social Worker | Job Description Template

A seasoned school social worker is needed to expand our team. Your main duty will be to spot any mental or emotional problems our pupils may be having and help them overcome such obstacles. To develop coordinated intervention measures, you’ll also work with the school staff and parents (e.g. behavioral management). 

You need to be excellent at counseling and communication to be successful in this position. You should be able to relate to pupils, empathize with them, and comprehend the underlying causes of their issues. We are interested in hearing from you if you have compassion and love to assist others.

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Educational Qualifications

  • prior employment as a social school employee or in a position similar 
  • Degree in psychology or social work; a master’s is preferred

Skills Required for the job

  • MS Office fundamentals Working with a variety of problems that families of kids experience (e.g. domestic violence, drug abuse) 
  • the capacity to interact with people from different backgrounds in an effective manner 
  • a sympathetic and reliable character 
  • Certification as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is necessary. 

Job Responsibilities

  • When students seek assistance, listen to their problems, offer support, and go through solutions with them. 
  • Speak with students that display unsettling habits to better comprehend their problems. 
  • Determine issues in the school, like bullying or hostile conduct 
  • Examine the students’ physical and psychological backgrounds. 
  • Interview the parents and instructors of troubled pupils to update your records. 
  • Students who experience difficulties at school or at home should have specific strategies created. 
  • Track and document student development and refer them to mental health therapies or psychiatric assistance for their families 
  • Investigate fresh strategies to enhance children’s welfare. 
  • Give advice to teachers of high-risk students. 
  • aiding parents in facilitating their children’s advancement 
  • Report any instances of physical, mental, or emotional abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Company Offerings

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