School Psychologist | Job Description Template

We are seeking a qualified school psychologist to join our team and support the mental health and wellness of our kids. 

You’ll create efficient programs for kids with social or emotional issues, developmental or learning impairments, and disabilities in collaboration with teachers, administrators, and other professionals (including occupational therapists). These programs will be put into practice during individual or group sessions. On occasion, you will also advise and counsel parents and teachers. 

It’s crucial to have the ability to evaluate complex information from several sources in order to be successful in this position (e.g. reports, school grades, teacher perspectives, etc.). You will be an excellent role model for our pupils and be able to complete the daily job requirements with compassion, patience, and resilience.

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Educational Qualifications

  • a Master’s degree in school psychology or a related field of study; a Ph.D. or Psy.D.
  • Proven experience as a school psychologist in a variety of educational settings 

Skills Required for the job

  • Knowledge of numerous techniques to prevent or treat mental health issues and other challenges 
  • A thorough knowledge of state education laws and regulations 
  • Effective counseling and communication abilities 
  • Integrity and competence 
  • A temperament that is upbeat, patient, and resilient 
  • State-issued certification as a school psychologist 

Job Responsibilities

  • Create programs for prevention and intervention in mental health 
  • Adopt counseling and educational strategies (e.g. breathing or mental imagery techniques) 
  • Work together with the faculty to develop coordinated plans. 
  • Analyze and report on the development of the pupil (e.g. using psychometric tests)  
  • Based on each student’s emotional, cognitive, and social strengths, establish learning objectives. 
  • if necessary, direct students to local services 
  • Investigate novel strategies to enhance children’s well-being (e.g. mindfulness) 
  • Fix problems in the classroom or at school 
  • mentor and support educators working with at-risk kids 
  • assist parents in promoting their children’s development

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