School Nurse | Job Description Template

To join our organization, we are looking for an experienced school nurse. The provision of health services to students while they are in school will be your main duty. For instance, you might assist students with chronic illnesses or treat injuries and mild to acute illnesses. By instructing pupils on how to avoid communicable diseases and practice good cleanliness, you’ll support preventative care as well. 

You need to be exceptionally organized and able to communicate with kids, their parents or guardians, and teachers in order to be successful in this position. We want to hear from you if you meet these standards and genuinely care about enhancing the lives of children.

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Educational Qualifications

Skills Required for the job

Job Responsibilities

  • Give pupils access to primary healthcare in the event of an injury or an acute sickness 
  • Create health plans for students with impairments and ongoing diseases. 
  • Teach kids and staff to practice healthy behaviors including good eating and hygiene. 
  • Identify health issues early on with routine screenings 
  • Observe the students’ immunization history 
  • Take into consideration the current medical history of students 
  • Make sure the school environment is secure for both students and faculty (e.g. prevention of communicable diseases) 
  • Write recommendations for pediatricians and other medical professionals 
  • Make ensuring that local and national health rules are followed

Company Offerings

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