School Counselor | Job Description Template

To assist students in achieving academic success, ensuring career preparedness, and developing personal or social competences through a thorough, preventive, and developmental counseling program, we are looking for a professional school counselor. Making ensuring that students grow up to be successful, sociable people is the aim.

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Educational Qualifications

  • school counseling master’s degree
  • a track record of school counseling employment 

Skills Required for the job

  • Integrity and competence 
  • Ability to effectively address the needs of a diverse student body through advocacy abilities 
  • working familiarity with a range of counseling paradigms, techniques, and resources 
  • Interpersonal engagement and strong communication abilities 
  • the capacity to gather and analyze data 
  • knowledge about computers 
  • ethical decision-making and emotional intelligence 

Job Responsibilities

  • direct the creation and implementation of a challenging school counseling program that prioritizes and supports students’ success 
  • Recognize and respect the individuality and uniqueness of each student 
  • Make ensuring that all kids have fair access to opportunities and a challenging curriculum. 
  • dispense direct assistance through organized conventions 
  • Assess your strengths (KSAOs) and support your students. 
  • Offer accommodating group or individual services. 
  • Work together and consult with various stakeholders, including parents, teachers, community organizations, and others. 
  • Conduct tests, interpret assessments, and review student records. 
  • assemble and evaluate data to evaluate outcomes 
  • submit regular updates on your progress.

Company Offerings

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