Petroleum Engineer | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a petroleum engineer with expertise monitoring oil and gas extraction and ensuring that everything runs well. You’ll plan and arrange both offshore and onshore drilling operations. You’ll examine geological data and report the findings to clients. Researching novel techniques of producing oil and gas, as well as locating new reserves, will be part of your petroleum engineering responsibilities. 


It is necessary to have prior familiarity with computer-aided software as well as strong mathematical abilities in order to execute these duties properly. Because you’ll be collaborating with other engineers and scientists, you should be able to work well as part of a team. 


We’d like to meet you if you’re analytical, detail-oriented, and willing to travel to new areas on a regular basis.

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Educational Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required; A master’s degree is desirable.
  • Previous work experience as a petroleum engineer or in a related position is required. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Working knowledge of drilling equipment 
  • Excellent math and computer skills 
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills 
  • Availability to go to new places on a frequent basis 
  • A license as a professional engineer is essential. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan for the exploitation of oil and gas. 
  • Drilling and fracturing equipment should be used and maintained. 
  • Drilling and extractions are under your supervision. 
  • Investigate novel methods and locations for oil and gas extraction. 
  • Examine how rocks and reservoirs are formed. 
  • Drilling can be made easier by using computer-aided models. 
  • Determine the project’s budget and needs. 
  • Collaborate with geoscientists and engineers to detect geological characteristics and supervise and teach technical employees

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