Nanny | Job Description Template

We are seeking a nanny to join our team and offer top-notch daycare to the families of our clients.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • prior Nanny or babysitting experience 
  • a high school diploma; additional education in child development is an advantage 
  • First aid training is an advantage.

Skills Required for the job

  • excellent knowledge of child development at all ages 
  • the capacity to develop innovative strategies for educating and involving children 
  • abilities to multitask 
  • a kind and understanding personality 
  • Being available for shift work, weekend work, evening work, and occasionally entire days 
  • a valid driver’s license 

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan games and creative activities for children (e.g. drawing, crafting and puppet games) 
  • Feed youngsters by preparing their food (including bottle-feeding for babies) 
  • infants’ baths and diaper changes 
  • assist older kids with bathing and washing up 
  • Establish nap times. 
  • Teach kids how to behave in social situations, including being polite of others and helping out with chores. 
  • transporting children to and from extracurricular activities and school 
  • Clean up the play areas and kids’ rooms. 
  • assistance with homework for young pupils 
  • Make sure kids are safe when engaging in both indoor and outdoor activities. 
  • In the event of illness or accident, look after the kids. 
  • do out cleaning duties as necessary 
  • Work with parents to promote children’s development and socialization

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

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