Loan Officer | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a Loan Officer to assess, approve, or refuse loan applications for individuals and businesses. You will serve as a point of contact for consumers and our financial institution, assisting qualified candidates in obtaining loans in a timely way.

Company Address 



Educational Qualifications

  • BS degree in finance, economics, or a similar discipline; ability to operate in a goal-oriented atmosphere 
  • Working experience as a Loan Officer is required. 


Skills Required for the job

  • Solid grasp of direct/indirect lending products and procedures Familiarity with computers and banking applications/software 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities 
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority, and sales skills are essential. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Process loan applications and documents within defined constraints to determine credit eligibility. 
  • Interview candidates to evaluate their financial eligibility and loanability. 
  • Establish all relevant ratios and KPIs, as well as debt payment strategies. 
  • Clients should be contacted either to request or to deliver information. 
  • Justify and report on decisions (approvals/rejections). 
  • Complete loan contracts and provide policy and restriction advice to customers. 
  • Update your understanding of loan kinds and other financial services on the job. 
  • Updating and maintaining account records 
  • Customers’ requirements are assessed, all possibilities are explored, and several loan types are introduced. 
  • To meet quotas, create referral networks, recommend other channels, and cross-sell products and services. 
  • Throughout the underwriting process, go the additional mile to develop trust, client loyalty, and satisfaction.

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