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We’re seeking a passionate and dedicated Landscaper to join our team. Applying fertilizers, maintaining landscape design features, removing weeds/dead plant material, and overseeing repairs as needed are all part of the job description.

To ensure the growth of plants in our landscaping firm, the ideal candidate must be creative, have outstanding problem-solving skills, and organizational talents.

The job entails managing a wide range of landscape structures, from grassy regions like lawns and gardens to more granular items like houseplants. During their shift, this worker will also assist with any trimming activities that are required.

Finally, you’ll be in charge of creating and maintaining gardens that are both attractive on the outside and within.

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Educational Qualifications

  • Landscaper or comparable work experience required
  • A high school diploma

Skills required for the job

  • Must be able to operate maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers.
  • Strong pest management skills and a basic understanding of grass care are required.
  • High attention to detail and excellent organizational abilities are required to manage multiple projects at once.

Job Responsibilities

  • Use pesticides to get rid of pesky insects including mosquitoes, wasps, and ticks.
  • Cleaning walkways and repairing fountains are examples of general maintenance tasks.
  • Walks, flower beds, and walls should all be trimmed and edged.
  • New attractive bushes, flowers, plants, and shrubs should be planted.
  • To maintain the health and natural beauty of the plants, remove weeds and dead plants as needed.

Company Offerings

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