Guidance Counselor | Job Description Template

To assist and instruct elementary, middle, and/or high school students through a well crafted counseling program, we are looking for a certified guidance counselor. You will act as a catalyst for students to achieve their academic or career goals and help them grow socially and intellectually. The objective is to prepare the students to become responsible, mature adults.

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Educational Qualifications

  • a history of success as a teacher or guidance counselor; 
  • an MA in school counseling or guidance is required, as are qualifications in guidance counseling;

Skills Required for the job

  • Integrity and competence 
  • being able to function with a variety of student personalities and backgrounds 
  • education in diverse teaching methodologies, the greatest counseling techniques, and laws 
  • outstanding interpersonal skills, and great emotional intelligence 
  • basic familiarity with computers 

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and implement a comprehensive educational and counseling strategy using up-to-date mentoring and teaching techniques. 
  • Encourage student associations and behaviors that promote equality of opportunity 
  • When interacting with the students, take into consideration any cultural or societal disparities. 
  • Hold counseling sessions for groups or individuals with students to help with issues or concerns. 
  • evaluate student characteristics (KSAOs), and assist them in realizing their strengths 
  • Assess pupils’ development and heighten their sense of accomplishment. 
  • Select students with behavioral issues or those who are at risk, and take appropriate action. 
  • collaborate with other interested parties, including the instructor and the parent 
  • Complete tests and evaluations, analyze the results, and offer feedback. 
  • examine and revise student records 
  • Prepare and deliver progress reports.

Company Offerings

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