Executive Pastor | Job Description Template

In order to oversee church operations and contribute to the development of our church’s mission and vision, we are looking for an Executive Pastor to join our team. 

Implementing procedures for church operations, managing the organization’s resources, and supervising staff growth is among the duties of an executive pastor. 

In the end, you will collaborate with every employee in our company to make sure that our church fulfils our vision and advances our purpose.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • To work with staff members across the church, you must have strong interpersonal skills and a master’s degree in divinity.

Skills Required for the job

  • demonstrable professional experience as an executive pastor or in a related position 
  • It is necessary to have a clear relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • shown biblically-based leadership abilities Excellent organizational abilities 

Job Responsibilities

  • Work together on ministry administration and the realization of the mission and vision with the senior pastor and elders. 
  • oversee the activities of the human resources department and work with the senior pastor to employ, reassign, transition, and fire staff. 
  • Make a yearly budget to make sure the church has the funds necessary to carry out its goal. 
  • monitor the funds and the fundraising efforts 
  • helping employees handle ministry finances

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

Other Benefits- (….)