ESL teacher | Job Description Template

A qualified ESL instructor is needed to expand our staff. You’ll plan courses for non-native speakers using a variety of exercises and teaching strategies that address every facet of the English language (speaking, writing, and comprehending). 

You will develop tailored lesson plans for each kid in our school based on their requirements and assess each student’s progress through homework and tests. Building trusting connections with parents and other educators and assisting them in assessing student progress are additional abilities required of ESL teachers. 

We’d want to get to know you if you love English and learning and have a composed, upbeat demeanor.

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Educational Qualifications

  • A TESOL or ESL degree 
  • English language, English literature, or a closely related degree
  • prior employment as an ESL instructor or other equivalent position 

Skills Required for the job

  • understanding of many teaching techniques for English to non-native speakers 
  • outstanding planning and communication abilities 
  • a composed and tough personality 
  • handling emergencies in the classroom 

Job Responsibilities

  • Create teaching aids and course materials. 
  • Give homework and tests 
  • grading pupils’ tests 
  • Make customized plans for students with unique needs (e.g. learning disabilities) 
  • Investigate fresh approaches to teaching English as a second language. 
  • Establish a welcoming and encouraging climate in the classroom. 
  • Keep track of the attendance and grades of your students. 
  • Resolve classroom conflicts and inform parents of their children’s progress 
  • Work together with the faculty to give students a fulfilling educational experience.

Company Offerings

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