Environmental Engineer | JD Template

We’re searching for an expert Environmental Engineer who can apply engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry concepts to build technically sound environmental solutions. You’ll be a part of initiatives to increase environmental policy compliance, maximize resource usage, and enhance the quality of the surrounding environment.


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Educational Qualifications

  • Professional engineer license
  • Job experience as an Environmental Engineer is required. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Practical knowledge of analytical, mechanical, and compliance software (e.g. SAS, Autocad etc) 
  • Capacity to think in both big and tiny scales 
  • Quality assurance, paperwork, environmental norms, regulations, and best practices are all things you should be familiar with. 
  • Skills in project and people management 
  • Advanced MS Office skills 

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide system and component designs that have a low environmental effect. 
  • Assist with environmental policies and standards as a technical advisor to achieve regulatory compliance. 
  • Conduct environmental impact research and technical audits, evaluate data, and execute quality control checks on the project. 
  • Create resource management plans. 
  • Provide a technical assessment of the system. 
  • Integrate the most up-to-date technology into your systems. 
  • To avoid harm, address issues and provide environmental solutions. 
  • Work with scientists, planners, and specialists to achieve your goals. 
  • Follow up on progress and make recommendations in reports. 
  • Plan, requirements, protocols, permits, and standard operating procedures should all be documented and kept up to date. 
  • Goals for quality, sales, income, and profitability must all be met.

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