Environmental Engineer | JD Template

We are looking to recruit an expert Environmental Engineer who can apply engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry concepts to provide solutions for environmental issues. As part of the environmental engineering team, you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing environmental data, analyzing human influence on the environment, and designing the best technology for improving the environmental conversation management.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • Professional engineer license
  • Job experience as an Environmental Engineer is required. 


Skills Required for the job

  • Practical knowledge of analytical, mechanical, and compliance software (e.g. SAS, Autocad etc) 
  • Capacity to think in both big and tiny scales 
  • Quality assurance, paperwork, environmental norms, regulations, and best practices are all things you should be familiar with. 
  • Skills in project and people management 
  • Advanced MS Office skills 


Environmental Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Provide system and component designs that have a low environmental effect. 
  • Assist with environmental policies and standards as a technical advisor to achieve regulatory compliance. 
  • Conduct environmental impact research and technical audits, evaluate data, and execute quality control checks on the project. 
  • Create resource management plans. 
  • Provide a technical assessment of the system. 
  • Integrate the most up-to-date technology into your systems. 
  • To avoid harm, address issues and provide environmental solutions. 
  • Work with scientists, planners, and specialists to achieve your goals. 
  • Follow up on progress and make recommendations in reports. 
  • Plan, requirements, protocols, permits, and standard operating procedures should all be documented and kept up to date. 
  • Goals for quality, sales, income, and profitability must all be met.


Company Offerings

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